Thursday, July 06, 2006

African Sky... sneak preview

Well, here it is. Book 3, which now has a name (as opposed to "book 3", which the publishers, Pan Macmillan, convinced me wasn't commercially viable) - "African Sky". My third novel is due out in shops in Australia in the first week of August, and in the UK and Germany in early 2007.

Here's the back cover blurb:

Rhodesia, 1943.

Paul Bryant hasn't been able to get back in a plane since a fatal bombing mission over Germany.

So, instead, the Squadron Leader is flying a desk at a pilot training school at Kumalo air base.
But one of his trainees has just been reported missing.

Pip Lovejoy, a volunteer policewoman, is also trying to suppress painful memories. When Felicity Langham, a high profile WAAF from the air base, is found raped and murdered, Pip and Bryant's paths cross.

Suspicion immediately falls on the local black community, but Pip's investigations unearth a link between the Squadron Leader, the controversial heiress Catherine De Beers and the dead woman, which throws the case in a new, disturbing direction.

What Pip thinks is a singular crime of passion soon escalates into a crisis that could change the course of the war.

And people wonder...

Why I spend my life and most of what I earn trying to get back to Africa... and on:



Fishing... and

Watching animals... like this elephant on the banks of the Zambezi, upriver from the Chirundu bridge, maybe 300-400 metres from the nearest houses and less than a kilometre from a busy border crossing.

The mighty Zambezi

Here's a pic of the Zambezi River, taken from the verandah of a fishing shack where I've stayed a few times on the Zimbabwe side of the river, at Chirundu.

If you've read Far Horizon (my first book) this is where Mike Williams (the lead character) retires to lick his wounds and think about the girl he thinks he's lost.

It's one of my favourite places in Africa to sit. And the fishing and game spotting are pretty good, too.