Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another houseboat plug

My legion of dedicated readers (hello mum, Ali G and Bec) may recall my recent shameless plug for the good ship "Return to Eden", a luxurious houseboat plying the waters of Lake Kariba.

Good news (for me, as I'm going for another trip on the boat later this year) is that the Sunday Times, one of South Africa's biggest newspapers, has published a travel story on Return to Eden, which I wrote.

I'm enjoying getting back into some freelance writing - journalism, that is, as opposed to writing press releases and brochures (not that there's anything wrong with writing press releases and brochures, as they fund my return trips to Africa).

It's kind of nice getting the odd byline again.

You can read the story on return to eden here. (with thanks to Hannelie who taught me how to do links).

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tonka hits the big time

Tonka, our Series III Land Rover (pictured) has been immortalised in print, in the pages of Land Rover Owner International, a UK-based publication which, funnily enough, is all about Land Rovers.

You can check out all things Land Rover at

I've written a story on our adventures in Africa with Tonka and if you want to read it you'll have to subscribe to the magazine (though you can get a sneak preview on the website).

If you're joining us from England (the magazine was kind enough to publish my blog address), then a big fat African/Australian welcome to you. Elsewhere on the blog you'll (hopefully) find enough to keep a Land Rover afficianado interested. Read on.

I'm enjoying getting back into freelance journalism, after way too long spent writing press releases and brochures in my day job (not that there's anything wrong with that, as it pays quite handsomely).

I'm on a bit of a roll, as in the last few weeks I've also had a travel story published in the Daily Telegraph (the London one, not the Australian tabloidy version). It's about Windhoek, which is a damn fine town, with brimming with lots of damn fine German-esque beer. The story is at
and I commend it, and the town of Windhoek to you all.

My very good friends at Pan Macmillan UK (what the heck, let's put their website and my listing for "African Sky" in as well ) set up the Telegraph story for me, and have very kindly donated 10 copies of "African Sky" to Land Rover Owner International to give away to reader. I owe them all, especially Sandra, more than a few Windhoek Lagers.

In other news, I've just had word that the Sunday Times in South Africa will soon be publishing a story I wrote about the best houseboat in the world, the good ship "Return to Eden", which cruises Lake Kariba (there is a blog post about the boat somewhere here on this site).

Expect more links, more plugs and more travel stories from me, because this is all seriously good fun, unlike normal work.