Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another houseboat plug

My legion of dedicated readers (hello mum, Ali G and Bec) may recall my recent shameless plug for the good ship "Return to Eden", a luxurious houseboat plying the waters of Lake Kariba.

Good news (for me, as I'm going for another trip on the boat later this year) is that the Sunday Times, one of South Africa's biggest newspapers, has published a travel story on Return to Eden, which I wrote.

I'm enjoying getting back into some freelance writing - journalism, that is, as opposed to writing press releases and brochures (not that there's anything wrong with writing press releases and brochures, as they fund my return trips to Africa).

It's kind of nice getting the odd byline again.

You can read the story on return to eden here. (with thanks to Hannelie who taught me how to do links).


Hann said...

You are welcome! And it worked!
I went and read the article .. cooooll! :)

Gargoyle said...

OOOoooo! Smart link, and so much NEATER than the previous ones! That hann's a smart cookie, isn't she!

Liked the article too. It reflects how close South African's and Aussies have become in the past decade. We are now more chummy than Kiwis and Aussies!

globetrekker said...

Hi there, I've just read your article in the "LandRover Owner International". I've just finished driving a 1984 Merc from UK to The Gambia. It is my dream now to buy a Landy and tiki-tour more through Africa. I love the place! Thanks for providing some great reading!

SMITTY said...

Just read the April LR Owner International, it was a great article and the pics were sweet! I'll be checking out the new book when it hits the states. Keep having fun. Smitty. CT, USA

tonypark said...

Thanks all. Sorry, Smitty, I'm not published in the US yet, though hopefully one day it'll happen.

At the moment I'm in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Germany, Italy, Holland and, of course, Latvia.