Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spot the beastie (other than me)

To those of you trying to win the free prize (see the post below with this pic in it), you might (or might not) have more luck finding the answer in this version of the pic.  Good luck Lori ann et al!

Hear here

Bored at work?  I mean, seriously bored?  Then listen to me, here recently on Radio Adelaide.

Look at me, sitting in a field, typing away...

Nice story from the Melbourne Herald-Sun on yours truly and the release of my latest novel, 'DARK HEART'.  And this is where I always work, sitting in the sun in a field of three-foot-high snake- infested grass in the Mukuvusi Woodlands game park in the middle of downtown Harare.

First reader to correctly identify a mammal other me in that picture will win a free copy of my fifth book, 'Ivory'.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Some African pictures to while away a few minutes

While I try and think what to write next in the new novel (number 11), I thought I 'd while away a bit of time uploading some pics from my last trip to Africa.  Here, for your edification and time-wasting pleasure are:

Kudu, Sabi Sabi, Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Baby elephant, Sabi Sabi

Wild Dog (African Painted Dog), Kruger National Park

 Leopard, Doispane Road, Kruger National Park
 Leopard, Kruger Tablets, Kruger National Park (if you know this spot, he is rubbing his head against the boulder with the Kruger Tablets bronze plaque on it - right at the spot where you're allowed to get out of your car!)
Bath time - hyena, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Leaping lizards, Batman, it's a flying impala - Hwange National Park

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hear me roar (well, meow), about lions and other dangerous animals in Africa

I was on Radio 4BC Brisbane today (Friday, November 16) on the afternoon program with Moyd and Loretta.  Had me a great time, and some readers were kind enough to call into the program for a chat.

Sorry not everyone was able to get through, but if you'd like to listen to the interview there is a podcast here

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 17) I'm speaking at Chermside Library in Hamilton Road (Brisbane), at 1pm.