Monday, November 26, 2012

Some African pictures to while away a few minutes

While I try and think what to write next in the new novel (number 11), I thought I 'd while away a bit of time uploading some pics from my last trip to Africa.  Here, for your edification and time-wasting pleasure are:

Kudu, Sabi Sabi, Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Baby elephant, Sabi Sabi

Wild Dog (African Painted Dog), Kruger National Park

 Leopard, Doispane Road, Kruger National Park
 Leopard, Kruger Tablets, Kruger National Park (if you know this spot, he is rubbing his head against the boulder with the Kruger Tablets bronze plaque on it - right at the spot where you're allowed to get out of your car!)
Bath time - hyena, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Leaping lizards, Batman, it's a flying impala - Hwange National Park

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Lori ann said...

awesome. the wild dog photo is gorgeous.