An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
My latest novel

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look at me, sitting in a field, typing away...

Nice story from the Melbourne Herald-Sun on yours truly and the release of my latest novel, 'DARK HEART'.  And this is where I always work, sitting in the sun in a field of three-foot-high snake- infested grass in the Mukuvusi Woodlands game park in the middle of downtown Harare.

First reader to correctly identify a mammal other me in that picture will win a free copy of my fifth book, 'Ivory'.


TIS said...

Hiya TP. Loved yesterday’s pics….and I love your African 'office'! :)
Just finished Dark Heart – was great. Especially liked how you included your…errr…'mishap' in Kruger in Chapter 4…cracked me up laughing that did.

Lori ann said...

nice office! and article!

i can't see the scanned photo very well, is it a crocodile? an antelope? a velociraptor? hee hee, i really want to win.

tonypark said...

Thanks TIS; Lori ann, I've just posted the original pic. Click on it to view a larger version. said...

I'm going to go with the dark spot being a blesbokke as I think it's too small to be a wildebeest