Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gone foraging

Mrs Blog and I are in Musina, quite possibly the hottest town in South Africa.

Musina used to be called Messina but the Governemnt decided it would be very wise to spend taxpayers' money stamping out the last vestiges of colonialism here, which happened to be an extra "e" and an "s".

Some people say the money spent on new street signs, stationery etc could have been better used on a few more new houses, or nurses or policemen, and that things are a mess in this country... though clearly there is now no mess in Musina.

Mrs B and I are bucking the daily trend and unlike the 4,000+ Zimbabweans arrested on a good/bad night trying to cross the border (a South African policeman told us that figure) into South Africa, we are heading north, legally, tomorrow across the Great Green Greasy Limpopo (Rudyard Kipling told me that).

We're heading into the land of no milk and no honey... and no beer, no food, no diesel, and no mobile internet connectivity.

So it's good bye from us until mid-January. Happy New Year to you all (and especially you, Val Kilmer, if you've been self-googling again. Mrs B says hi).


meggie said...

OMG, I hope VK got the message!

Java said...

Well, you are not the only famous person who are allowed to Goolge yourself!! Hi Mr VK!!
I'm a softie for Nicolas Cage.

ali g said...

Here Vks a bit of a chubby chappy these days.
My fave is Julie Christie
[Dr Zhivago] Asked her to marry me many years ago but the damn woman never replied to my letters.

redcap said...

Mate, you're braver than I am, going to Zim. We wimped out and ditched the East Africa leg of our trip in favour of Namibia once everything went to putty in Kenya :(

But I'll be up your way soon - I fly in on the 24th and will be staying just outside Louis Trichardt for a bit. Off for a road trip in Namibia, then back to Kruger and Blyde Canyon. Roll onnnn, holidays :)