An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stop press... valid reason for not blogging!

I'm sorry for not blogging lately, duo of fans (I'm sure the Legion has suffered a 50 per cent casualty rate, at least, by now).

But there's a good reason, believe me.

Grace Kelly.... err, I mean my financially-independent, witty, single publisher, C, has brought glad tidings to Blogland. Book five, which now actually has a name, will now be released in June instead of the traditional August.

And here it is, above. THE SILENT PREDATOR. You saw it here first, the pair of you...

It's good news because this means Mrs Blog and I can return to Africa earlier than expected (for those of you not related to me, I can inform you that we are now "home" in Australia). Bad news is I have to finish the copy edits on the new book by Monday.

So it's head down, bum up, here down under (which, for the non-Australians means hard yakka... err... work for the next few days).


ali g said...


Crookedpaw said...


Can't wait to get a copy.

becandcall said...

Good luck convincing your readers that work is a fair reason for not blogging...

Mine never seem to believe it.

Bring the 300 pages to the dinner tomorrow night, we can share them out around the table and knock over the lot before dessert.

becandcall said...

ps - favourite cover so far.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and good luck on that.

PS. Your absence has left some of us very much... what is the word... shall we say .... "hanging dry" with all sorts of withdrawal symptoms:agressiveness being one of them. And dont you dare edit my post/comment while reading! I know you would since you are editing the manuscript. All writers do that.

The One-from-Windhoek

Java said...

Congratulations, it looks great!! I love the blue! I love the way your books change colours, it looks really good on our bookshelf too.
Whoo hoo, come June!!

redcap said...

Huzzah! :) When do you get to go back? I'm home now too, jetlagged all to buggery and suffering from a cold collected on a rainy game drive. Sigh.

Gargoyle said...

Love the new cover!