Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Today's Zimbabwean heroines

Full marks to ABC Lateline (after bagging the program in the last post) for tracking down Zimbabwean lawyer Gugulethu Moyo in London for an interview on tonight's program. Some very interesting observations from Ms Moyo about Zimbabwe's high court judges, at least one of whom seems to be having an each-way bet by supporting the MDC's appeal to have the election results posted poste haste.

She'd make a good president in an ideal world. Sadly, we don't live in an ideal world.

Tonight's other heroines are Scotty and Sal, from different parts of Zimbabwe who, as they put it, are getting on with life, such as it is inside Zimbabwe.

The act of living in Zim is a full time job these days and these ladies are getting on with the job.

Hopefully, as we say here on the Blog, it will be big news next week.

Reports from anonymous sources inside the country say the word on the streets is that even those in uniform are hoping for a change. And that's not a bad titbit to end on.


Java said...

I belief to have heard once that Zim's foreign minister has a mansion in Switzerland ? That's now while the whole country starve!
I hope Mugabe finally falls from grace, oh wait, what grace?

redcap said...

It's probably a vain hope, but I hope he ends up being tried in an international court. He's an evil, vicious, selfish man with no care for his people.

Old Sam Najima in Namibia always said he could come and live there when he had to leave Zim, but at least the new bloke has set him straight!

ali g said...

May his chooks turn into emus and kick his fowl-house down

ali g said...

On second thoughts make that FOUL house