Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vítáme Vás...

...which means, according to Mr Google's translation, "welcome" in Czech. So a big warm Vitame Vas to all you readers of the recently released Czech language edition of the book formerly known at FAR HORIZON (or Vzdleny Horizont, as we say in Czech).

It's a nice surprise receiving a foreign translation of one of my books. To see an old yarn reborn with a new cover and (often) a new name is always exciting. It's also interesting to see how different people in different lands interpret the same story, via the cover.

Full marks go to my very good friends at TEA, my Italian publishers, for their design of the cover for Sotto il Cielo dell' Africa, (above) which means "Under an African Sky" (originally called African Sky). Is Italian the language of romance or what? Is this not a beautiful cover?

Stefano, the publisher at TEA, is a great guy who keeps me up to date with how things are going in Italy. He says they're in the process of deciding which book to release next and he's already said he's keen to read the soon-to-be-released SILENT PREDATOR. Is it any wonder, Legion of Fans (LOF) that Italy is one of my most favourite non-African countries in the world?

And speaking of SILENT PREDATOR, LOF, the release is imminent - as is your chance to scam some free wine and nibblies at a library near you, and your chance to win the HUMUNGOUSLY ENORMOUS LUXURY SAFARI FOR TWO TO AFRICA!!!!! (more details soon, so stay blogged).


ali g said...

bellisimo bubus bambino....n'at.

Heidihi said...


When are you coming to Brissy?


tonypark said...

who are you heidihi.

reveal yourself in some cryptic way.

grazie ali g.

Trev said...

vitame vas jumbo italiano?

Crookedpaw said...

The trouble with Italian is that one word can mean many things.

So, the word "ROMANZO" on the Italian cover could mean "novel", or are they suggesting that the book is a romance and that your mate may be right in saying that your books are "Chick Lit"?

Big grin.


Heidihi said...

I am Heidihi from Brissy, work at famous Brisbane landmark....

redcap said...

Are you translated into French or Russian yet? We at chez hack might be able to read one of those between us?

And to echo heidhi, when are you coming to Adelaide?

Pan are a bit scungy about sending me review books, for some reason, so I might have to actually buy one. Yeah, I know - world's smallest violin, etc. ;)

Java said...

I do like the new cover also, very nice.

VM said...

Really buiding up the suspense about this 'alleged' competition and the Aus tour - i'm starting to think you're just trying to get more people to read this blog!
oh, by the way, very nice new cover