Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parramatta City Library 1.00pm July 15

There it is in black and white (or whatever colour the blog background is). Sorry, Parramatta Sub-branch of the Legion of Fans (LOF) - in an earlier post I got the time wrong.

For the record, my talk on July 15 at Parramatta City Library will be at 1.00pm (not 6.30pm as previously mistakenly advised).

A good deal else to report, but little time to do so as I am racing off to Warringah Library this evening (6.30pm, Thursday, July 10).

Had a choice time in New Zealand with all my cuzzy bros over there. Visited scores of bookshops; did maninge radio and press interviews; and consumed several dozen Steinlager Pures. This is the beer which reportedly does not produce a hangover - however I was a bit seedy on the plane flight home (though this could have had something to do with the fact that I only had two hours sleep the night before boarding).

Stellar turn outs at Willoughby and Gordon Libraries last week thanks to Margaret, Ben and Penny and my very own helper, Alex, who has been assisting me with my publicity for the tour. Thanks, too, to the pleasant people of Penrith for popping along last Sunday.

I know I should be posting witty and incisive material here on the blog and not just shamelessly promoting myself and my library talks, but life is a bit busy at the moment. How about instead, you pop over to see my fellow blogster crabmommy (an ex Sarf Effrican living in the US & A)who is talking about something dear to my heart, camping, on her blog, and about two things no camper should ever be seen dead in - headlights and croc sandals. Crabmommy also gives me a mention in this post, so there is a teensy bit of self promotion going on here as well.

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