Monday, December 08, 2008

Tonka watch... Day 20. And some shameless self promotion

Ag, shame. When I'm feeling down, Legion of Fans (LOF) - like, for instance, when my Land Rover has been in the workshop for 20 days - I like to read nice things about myself.

I can't help it. Not only does it cheer me up and feed my ego, it also makes it seem like I'm actually making much more money than I really am from my books. A morale booster, if you will.

So if you go here to the news section of my website you can read a very nice review of SILENT PREDATOR from my very good friends at the Australian Defence Force newspapers, and an excellent story from my local newspaper here in South Africa, the Lowvelder (or Laevelder, as the delectable Inspector Sannie van Rensburg would say).

Incidentally, Charlize Theron, if you're doing a spot of self googling and would like to make a movie back home in Sarf Efrica, you could do a lot worse than mention SILENT PREDATOR to some of your Hollywood producer friends. You'd be a walk-up start for the part of Sannie.

What do you reckon, LOF?

* Special bonus feature: The story from the Lowvelder includes a rare shot of the elusive and internet-shy Mrs Blog. Go stalk.. I mean, go check her out now!


ali g said...

If you're thinking Charlize Theron then it definitely is a bent pushrod

dozycow said...

And Val Kilmer (or possibly Damien Lewis) could be Sgt Tom Furey ??
I hope Tonka is better soonest.

bubu said...

Clive Owen for Tom Furey

Anonymous said...

Dr Nitschke for Tonka?

tonypark said...

Oh, anonymous you got a laugh out of me with that one, you cruel person, you.

Yes, Bubu, Clive Owen is a contender though I think he'd be better in the film of next year's book, don't you?

Daniel Craig? (If he's not too busy with the Bond work).

tonypark said...

Thanks Dozycow. Val gets Mrs Blog's vote. He did such a fantastic Irish accent in the Ghost and the Darkness that I'm sure he could pass as a Londoner in Silent Predator, the movie.

Java said...

Stupid photo!