Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Democracy in action... good triumphs over evil

I speak, of course, of tonight's frankly stunning final of Australia's Next Top Model.

The judges had cast their votes and the score was four to three in favour of the petulant, tantrum-chucking Cassi, with Tahnee (the favourite in the Blog household), watching her modelling career drift away like her very unfortnate last-minute nosebleed. Alex Perry, how could you?

Like millions (I'm sure) of other Australians Mrs Blog and I were galvanised into action early on in the show when the first judges' votes came in. Tahnee was down three-two at that stage, so Mrs B and I texted our votes.

The end result? People power triumphed and Tahnee won such an overwhelming majority of the viewers' votes that it was enough to unbalance the judges. She won!

I let out a whoop of joy.

Afterwards, it got me thinking about Africa. Here I am, living in Sydney, and the only thing of any concern to me in my day-to-day life, in between writing books, was which 17-year-old was going to win a car and a modelling contract.

This is what makes Australia a good country to live in - our (relative) lack of troubles, strife, and our excellent voting system.

And it's also what makes me want to get back to Africa. Soon.

Well done, Tahnee. Your country salutes you, and Mrs Blog and I salute you, you fine young Australian.


ali g said...

We don't get that show so we watched 'Zoo' and the birth of Australia's first baby elephant.
It too made us want to get back to Africa soon as well.
Got 2 Qantas pilots and their families staying here at the moment.
They said possible one of them will be flying your plane [and ours in December] when you go back to Africa. Jo'burg is on their run and they were both there last week.

5 months to go [for us] but who's counting. sigh
Roll on Xmas!

tonypark said...

Did you try it on for business class Ali G?

ali g said...

they probably would've had yr mom sitting up front with them & me consigned to the luggage hold.

Anonymous said...

All it takes for skanky, westie hos (hoes?) to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Chap named Smith was the first to quote that to me - more or less - which is apt given your more recent Zimbabwe post.

Bravo for your democratic texts.

Can you do something about the boastful blind bloke on DWTS now?