Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

But Mr Blog is not snoring. He is working hard on the structural edits for his top-secret second non-fiction book. But he is taking time out of his hectic schedule to show you all some pictures.

He is also posting these pictures because it has been raining for five f@#ing days straight here in the Kruger National Park and I've hardly seen an animal (except for some resident elephents who pop by for a drink most afternoons at the growing puddle of water outside the fence where we're staying, in Biyamiti Bushveld Camp).

Before the rain had set in we'd also seen buffalo and rhino from the safety and comfort of our two-bedroom lodge.

So here, as much for my benefit as yours (to remind me that somewhere out there in all that rain there are, indeed, lots of animals in the kruger park) are some recent pics...

I snapped this handsome old bovine (this one's for you, Dozy) at the Delaporte water hole, not far from Kruger's main rest camp, Skukuza, when the weather was a bit nicer.

And if you think the locale for this lion pic is strangely familiar, you'd be right. It's also at Delaporte. Dedicated and eagle-eyed readers would recognise this puddle as the same one where my recent leopard-drinking picture was taken. Mrs Blog and I have seen four of the Big Five (minus) elephant, at this exact spot at different times over the past few weeks.

Baboons are everywhere in Kruger - in the bush, in the camp, in the garbage bins, and even in the tent (we had a break-in a couple of weeks ago. We are anal about not storing food in the tent, but sometimes a baboon or monkey will break in if they even see something that looks like a food container).
They're ugly things, but their kids are cute when their little and if you spend enough time with them occasionally they'll usually present a half-decent photo opportunity. This leaping lord was part of a big troop or 40 or so that we watched for a while moving along the Sabie River. They're not keen on water and would leap good distances from rock to rock rather than wading thorugh the fast current. Gotcha!

The eye of the tiger... I mean lion. This lady and 13 of her friends and relations were making short work of a buffalo right on the edge of the main road between Pretoriuskop Camp and Skukuza.

And here's the same pride at a different time of day. Light wasnt good (because of the f-ing rain) but I like the look on the cheeky little cub at the lower left. No table manners required.
Mrs Blog did an excellent job on the lions pics, don't you think?
If you've got a fave animal, post a comment if you'd like to see it. Short of Pangolin or Aardvaark I could very well have a picture of it. If I don't I'll go hunting for the big game of your choice, because that's the kind of blogger I am.
(PS: rain has stopped but work continues apace).


DADFAP said...

Pangolin??? good luck mate!
How about the "Little 5"?

Shamrock Safari said...

Zebra of course!
But I'd really like to see Nile crocs please - esp. mutual feeding behaviour, if you've seen it. I've not seen Oz crocs do that.

If you've any spare time; what about African bugs? Rhino beetles are kinda cool...

Jess is hopeful for Baby giraffes, tortoises and bushbabies.

dozycow said...

Oh what a handsome fellow he is Tony - Thank you!

All the pics are wonderful so please just keep them coming.

PS: I also like ellies, cheetah, giraffe & (of course) warthogs - then there's jackals, hippos, rhinos, crocs.......well, you did ask.

PPS: Whatever happened to showing us a pic of the two fighting crocs ???

PPPS: Sorry, but what does 5 days of rain feel like ???

redcap said...

Terrific shots, Tony! African wildcat, perhaps? I have a soft spot for giraffes because they're so goofy.

Lorraine said...

Great spot Biyamiti :)
I'll have a Caracal please Tony

Anonymous said...

A dung beetle pushing a massive ball of s.... up hill, Please.

Kathleen said...

African Wild Cat only seen them twice in Kruger so any pic is wonderful. Love the Dagga Boy!! Really has the grumpy look going. Glad to see you are still enjoying Kruger. We had 6 days of rain here and I had to work at the Ithala Challenge canoe race. Mud everywhere and lots of stuck cars. Have you ever been to any of the Natal parks like Hluhluwe or Ithala. You should try them sometime. If you want a guide just shout:)

Karen Bessey Pease said...

I'm with Dozy! Any pictures are a treat!

Do you ever see snakes?

naturesmark said...

Ain't technology amazing. last week i was reading your blog from the Gold Coast. Now sitting in a hotel lobby in manila, and can catch up on the happenings in Kruger

ali g said...

seen any hellcats?
going to be a few around here if it doesn't rain soon.

Trin said...

Great pics Tony. I'm all for elephants as well. I would say cheetah but those magnificent animals had their turn a few blogs ago. Dogs would be good too, as well as the crocs fighting.

Rain - don't mention it. We (who are in drought) had more rain in one day last weekend than the average for the month of November. It's been hot but we are having periods where it absolutely buckets down. So Alig and Dozy - you should surely get some of this.

dozycow said...

Trin: we did get 23 fat rain drops here the other night but it evaporated pretty fast.....

Flea said...

Perth was for a few days pretty wet cold and miserable too but it's perking up again a bit. Hey, rain in Africa is always good man.
My fav animal is the cheetah and I still have one of your pics, so rest in peace.
Hi to Mrs B.

noddy said...

What about snakes and spiders????
I know hoe fond of them you are!!!!

Kamagra said...

Amazing pictures, I love wildlife, it is nature in it best, survival of the strongest.