Saturday, December 12, 2009


Shoo! Getaway from here to Getaway Magazine, and read my latest blog there.

Don't forget to leave comments. I want the people at Getaway to think I'm famous, so that one day they'll send me on a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, or to a B&B in Bloemfontein, or something exotic like that.

There'll be another post there soon... a very controversial one with lots of racism and xenophobia. You'll love it.


Kazza said...

I really tried to leave a comment on the 'getaway site'...sure wanted those folks to think you are famous! :o)

Apparently, I'm not savvy enough to navigate elsewhere, though. So I'll gush here, how's that?

That was a great little article, and the pics you are posting here on are superb.

That's all I have to say.

Trin said...

Hi Kazza - I tried to leave one too but it vapourized. Forgot to enter the validation code. I've just left another one so assuming it passes vetting muster, it SHOULD appear soon - otherwise I will start to feel like an idiot and give up.

TP: the latest one is available to read on Space Invaders - hilarious.

All the pics we are getting are magnificent too.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Funny...I got an email stating that my comment was posted on that site, but when I went to look, it was some blog about a bike race. Hehe. I'm hopeless!

However, maybe now Tony has a new fan base! Perhaps in the next Tour de France we'll see 'Ivory' and 'Zambezi' peeking out of the cyclist's fanny packs.

I'm just one woman, but I do what I can...

You're welcome!

Trin said...

Hi Karen, I saw your comment on GA but can't remember it being part of a bike race blog.

PS A fanny in Australia is not what it is in the US - DC will elaborate.

TP: know you're a busy boy, with fam and all, hoping for one more blog before Christmas - if not, have a great one, which I am sure you will. And to all the LOF family, be safe be healthy and be happy

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Aw, hell! I knew it! I just KNEW it! (She already told did another Aussie friend when I first used it a year ago. And I forgot...)

It's apparent I'll never be able to blog Down Under without making a colossal...what? Bottom? Rear End? Are those safe? How about 'buttocks'? Yes, without making a colossal buttocks of myself!

Y'all should put me out of my misery!

Hehehe. Aw, hell. Merry Christmas, Tony Park's Legion of Fans! I'll get the hang of your vernacular, sooner or later.