Thursday, February 11, 2010

The adventure continues

Greetings Legion of Fans (LOF), he says, to the echo of his own voice through the empty cyber corridors of Blogsville. Are any of you (besides my relatives and the occasional googling Saudi gentleman looking for ladies in gorilla outfits) still there?

If so, you're in for a disappointment if you think you'll find anything of interest from me here. No, I am still in the business of driving you to my Getaway Magazine Blog here where you can find the latest instalment in my East African Safari series.

This time I've posted some stuff on the famous Ngorongoro Crater... err, Caldera. There'll soon be some stuff on the Sergengeti National Park. (which was, like, totally awesome).

Please go to the Getaway site and leave a comment, in order to impress the web editor.

Mrs Blog and I are back in South Africa now, land of electricity (well, it has electricity more often than Zimbabwe) and hot water. In betwee taking long, hot showers are doing some more outfitting of our new(ish) Land Rover, Broomas, in preparate for a jaunt down to the Natal Coast and a tour of the lovely Kwa Zulu Natal game parks.

I can report, with no small measure of relief, and no small measure of shock at the depletion of my bank account, that plucky Tonka, our orginal Series III Short Wheelbase Land Rover is back on the road, in all his black-smokey glory.

Tonka is alive and as well as can be expected for a truck of his age and is currently resting in the premises of Dr Frikkie in the salubrious suburb of Hatfield, near Harare Airport.

Myself, I have been busy doing the edits on my seventh novel and my second non ficiton book, and I am now about to pick up my totally disorganised, rambling eighth novel in a bit to finish a first draft in the next month or so.

Once I've finished my East Africa series for Getaway I will be back here with tall tales and true of our recent adventures in Africa including: the joys of bathing in algae green swimming pools; why Johannesburg Airport baggage handlers should be shot; the incredible lightness of intelligence of the Australian government in sending taxation officers to Zimbabwe; and the merits of polygamy and dancing, Jacob Zuma style.


ali g said...

Still here
have tried 3 times to leave comments on Getaway [part 3] without success.
just keep getting error messages after hitting the submit button.
given up.

Izaan Booth said...

Please don't stop writting this blog. I just love it when I see a post by (just had to say it)

Les said...

Also still here but we have missed you.
Ali g good news your comment is up on Getaway.

ali g said...

Thanks les ..see you're got one on too. hard work being a TP fan aint it..

John said...


looking forward to your comments about O.R. Tambo's Luggage Mis-Handlers. Last year, twice, despite giving them an 11 & 12 hr stopover opportunity to get my luggage from a Ghanaian arriving plane, onto an Australian bound plane, and vice versa...they managed to way-lay my bag....eeeesh!

Will be also interested to hear of the ATO's adventures in Zim. Send up here to Somalia.

They have just started up a 'Duty Free' shop at the Mogadishu International Airport. Duty Free...???? a country that has no tax system??!!

Heidihi said...

Of course we're still here, glad to hear Tonka is alive and doing well.

Kathleen said...

I leave for Australia on the 12 March but if you and Mrs Blog are near Itala or Hluhluwe before that give me a call would love to show you around my neck of the woods. Glad you are enjoying your adventures.

TIS said...

Hiya Tony,

Was great to read about your trip to Ngorongoro. I fell in love with it when I was there years ago.

On a side note, I’ve just finished reading “Part of the Pride” and absolutely loved it. When I read the bit about the female researcher that was attacked at the Lion Park by the lioness Rain, I was like “OMG!, hey, I know about this!!!”. You see, I know the researcher!!!. I used to work with her and her husband in the Okavango Delta, researching lions!!. It blew me away reading about her attack in Kevin’s book. Of course I knew about the attack from her, and have seen the scars, but to read about it in someone else’s book was kinda eerie. I’d heard about Rodney Fuhr and Ian Melass when I worked with the researchers in the Delta, and I’ve been to the Lion Park and met Rodney (although it was a few years ago). So I could really ‘see’ the Lion Park as Kevin talked about it, and it brought back so many memories for me. Was an absolutely fantastic read too :)

dozycow said...

Hey Tony,

Still here too but way behind with commenting due to the distractions of work, cricket & the Olympics. Not having much luck with commenting on Getaway but thoroughly enjoying your postings there & looking forward to hearing all about Kwa Zulu Natal.
Good news too about Tonka.
Take care & have fun !

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Hiya, Tony!

Even your huge contingent of American fans are still here... as their spokeswoman, please let me say: Good to hear from you! Glad you and Mrs. Blog are doing well.


rhodie-jeff said...

Hi TP,
Jo'burg airport - Does the wench with the predator (movie version) hairstyle still wrap your cases in 3000 kilometres of shrink wrap?
ps your old man and I have become regular 'funny swappers'. Keeps pestering me for sheep pictures? Say hi for me when you see him.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Oh, man...

Jeff, he keeps asking ME for sheep pictures, too!

What's up with that???


ali g said...

Not fair Jeff.
the only picture I recall I asked to see was where you and the vicar dyed that sheep pink and put a ribbon around her meck when all snowbound together...

And're confused..It was a picture of you with your moose that I asked for not a sheep

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Ah-vah!! Ali g, you weren't supposed to tell anyone about that picture!!!

Hehehe... I guess the best defense is a really pathetic attempt at a good offense, ay?


rhodie-jeff said...

Ali - Ba ba boo wants to know when your coming over on holiday again? Snow Drop too - misses you and lost those ribbons you bought her - snagged the fence running from some crazy bastard hiding in the bushes. Twas the wellies in his hand that spooked her!
ps enough sheep stories; people are talking and there's a guy outside with a van, bino's and lustful grin. I think snow drop has been two-timing?

Karen Bessey Pease said...


Poor Ali g.

rhodie-jeff said...

Karen! You're strange too! 'We're taking over the world!' he shouted. (with a sheepish grin)

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Wool I never!! What do ewe mean, 'strange'??? It was shear bad luck that I happened to ram that trooper's rig while watching Ali g paint Snow Drop's cloven nails a lovely frosted pink. And (yes, sheepishly) I've been on the lamb ever since...

But strange? Certainly not!


Poor Ali g.

Kazza said...

Hehehe... poor Ali g



Muriel said...

Welcome back! It always makes my day to see a new posting on

(And, wow, you apparently have followers in China! I'm impressed!)