Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cruising, wheezing and clumsy inhaler-induced segue

Busy, yes busy as usual, Legion of Fans, trying to finish off this pesky eighth novel. Once more we have nothing but lame excuses for not blogging, but I assure you that the above statement is the truth and that I am, indeed, lame.

Yes, last week I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Asthma (AOA). I don't want to bore you (but, hey, I am getting old, and what else do old people talk about other than their medical conditions?) but this AOA sucks the big one.

In fact, it doesn't suck, which is the problem. I found myself quite unable to draw a breath there at one stage and, as a result, I have been prescribed not one but two different inhalers to suck on on.

All is relatively well now, and I was able to summon enough strength over this long weekend to embark on my second cruise on the MV Pacific Dawn, to speak at P&O's onboard cruising book club, 'Chapters'.

In between wheezy breaths, hacking coughs and medicinal alcohol I spoke to two very nice groups of passengers about my latest book, IVROY en route from Brisbane to Noumea.

A dirty job, I know, LOF, but someone has to do it.

The music selection on board the Pacific Dawn is interesting. Definitely aimed at the middle-aged market, the soundtrack to the 'sail away' party from Brisbane included not a few pommie 60s classics.

One song, in particular, re-entered my head after many years' absence. I have found a UK sterling version of it on Youtube and offer it to you so that you may share my obsession (it's still playing over and over in my mind).

Also, there is a subliminal, clumsy segue forming here, like a tropical tsunami deep in the bowels of the South Pacific...

I have news, LOF, big news indeed of a UK invasion of another kind... Stay tuned, but in the meantime, sit back, grab your ventolin or other recreational drug of choice, tune in, and drop out to the silken sounds of Herman and his Hermits...


Flea said...

Same here, a year or two ago mine started (AOA. I wonder if Africa's dust and bush has anything to do with it in your case? My grandad was told to life in the Karoo cause it's better for his chest. Muggy days get me down but hot dry days are perfect.
Good luck tho, hopefully it's weather induced? *waving* to Mrs Blog!

John said...

Medicinal alcohol...aha! finally...Park has what he has been looking for all his life...a real reason for drinking!

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Geez, Tony... sorry about the ashtma. There's nothing that induces panic more than trying to draw a breath and having nothing happen. I hope your inhalers do the trick.

If nothing else, you'll look way cool, now.


ali g said...

His breath came in short pants so he took them off.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Ooh! Another way to look 'way cool'!

dozycow said...

That's not good news about the AOA Tony - hope the inhalers help & it's all under control.
Take care & enjoy the cruise.

Anonymous said...

Poor thing.

Trev said...

Sure you're not the 'jinx' of the "pacific Dawn'??
Last time you were on it it was quarantined for swine flu.
This time soon after you departed the 'good ship' it is reported today as having all sorts of problems during the cruise and finally broke down without any power at all for some 5 hours and had to be towed into Brisbane by two tugs!
Sure you were'nt spilling beer into the control box whilst chatting with the captain up on the bridge or something?