Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another book, another blog...

Here it is, hot off the presses and coming to an Australian bookshop near you on Tuesday, June 1 (if it's not already in store yet) - my latest book, WAR DOGS.
WAR DOGS is the autobiography of Shane Bryant, an Aussie explosive detection dog handler working in Afghanistan. Shane and I wrote his story over a period of months last year in between his stints working as a civilian contractor in the 'ghan (as we used to call that terrible place when I was there with the army in 2002).
Shane is an ex Australian Army and NSW Police dog handler who took a job working as a civilian dog handler in Afghanistan in 2006 as a means of getting on top of his debts.
But it wasn't all about the money. Shane, like a lot of ex military people I know, wanted to go to Afghanistan to put the skills he'd learned in the army and the police to the ultimate test, on the field of battle.
He's a top bloke and I really enjoyed working with him on this book. There are loads of stories about the various dogs he's worked with over the years, including Ziggy, who was as laid back as Scooby Do; Ricky who loved nothing better than chasing Afghan civilians and motorcycles; and Benny the Bouncer, a dog so fierce in the kennels that the attendants used to slide his food in to him rather than open the door.
As well as telling how it is to work with dogs in one of the world's most dangerous places, WAR DOGS also provides an insight into the way the war is being fought in Afghanistan. Shane has been attached to US Special Forces and Canadian military units over the past four years. He's been in numerous firefights and, at those times, he's been expected to man his gun and function as a fighting member of the team he's with, not just as their dog handler. Good, gripping stuff, if I do say so myself.
Shane's providied a fantastic set of pictures for the centre spread of the book and I'll posting the odd on on a new WAR DOGS blog we've set up to shamelessly promote the book. On the blog you'll find videos, pics and interviews with Shane and some recent press clippings.
So, go to the blog, and then buy the book, because Shane has five kids from two previous relationships to support, and I have a wife who doesn't want to work anymore.
Hope you enjoy it!


dozycow said...

I bought a copy of War Dogs last week - looking forward to reading it !

Flea said...

Looks great, I definately will buy one if you can also arrange you both sign it for me :-) Pwetty please!

parisian_love1 said...

I am defintely getting a copy!!
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Best wishes and keep posting!

Anonymous said...


I picked this book up thismorning and i only just put it down now as i finished the 256th Page thisevening.

This book was Inspiring, Heartwarming and so funny at displayed a great sense of humour at the same time...

I never thought i would be on the edge of my seat with a book let alone thought i would read an entire one in a day...

I look forward to buying the rest of your collection of books and am truly inspired to keep reading! though at the same time i am nervous because i am not sure how another book will compare to something so great.

Thankyou Shane for sharing such a great story with the Australian community, i have thought about joining the army for a long time and now i am sure it what i want to do, and hopefully i can gain the experiance there and make my way up and qualify as a dog handler.

Words can not express how sad i am that i have come to the last page as i would just love this book to go on and on forever... i dont know what the chances are of you writing another book Tony and Shane but let me tell you, evan if it is a book on training Dog Handlers, your life in Afganistahn or simply what you decide to do next in the adventurous life you lead but i will be the first there buying it...

Must run now, ive started reading the first page again, iit looks like i will be up all night!

when i am on your sight i can see that i can join your mailing list however the link will not open? if at all possible i would love to be added, my email is below and last time THANKS AGAIN FOR THE BEST READ I HAVE EVER EVER EVER EVER HAD

Kind Regards

Zalinda Zarubin

tonypark said...

Zalinda you are too kind. Really pleased you enjoyed the book, and best of luck in your future endeavours.