Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Safari

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mrs Blog and I leave tomorrow (Saturday), for a month-ish long trip to Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia, all in the name of research, of course. Sort of.

In fact, I'm so busy editing the eighth novel and the third biography that I haven't even begun to think about what the ninth novel will be about. Hopefully inspiration will strike somewhere between game spotting and drinking. Yikes.

Internet connectivity will be somewhere between sparse and non existent on this leg of the trip, so take a break or, better still, get to work.

In the meantime, I can report that the weather in Joburg has been sunny and warm, the food and booze cheap, and the people as friendly as always. Crime is down, the vibe is up since the world cup, and Broomas our trusty new(ish) Land Rover is packed and ready for the road.

I've been invited by the good peolple at South African Tourism to contribute to their aussie blog, so when I get back in range I'll be posting the odd bit of news there, as well. I've written my first and it will appear in the very near future here. Keep an eye out for it and, please, when it appears, leave a comment so it looks like I have lots of fans.

There'll be big news next month when I get back from safari. I promise. In fact, there may even be some video, as I got drunk on the flight over and bought a teeny weeny HD video camera from the in-flight duty free catalogue.



L.Pring said...

Enjoy the trip Tony & Mrs Blog :)
It is unfortunate that we have to wait until next June/July

Lorraine P

dozycow said...

Sounds awesome - Have fun !!

Flea said...

Enjoy Enjoy!!!

RobertLW said...

I'm a bit worried about this little video camera and where you might be sticking it!

TIS said...

Have a great trip!
I’m sure you’ll love Namibia – it’s a beautiful country…stark, but beautiful nonetheless. But beware, they tend to umm, exaggerate a tad on some of their tourist attractions. Burnt ‘Mountain’ is no mountain, and the Quiver Tree ‘Forest’ is no forest….but both are worth visiting if you’re in the area.
Hope you have a fantastic time and can’t wait to read the results. Absolutely loved The Delta too by the way :)

Louise said...

Have fun! Your missed at Pan Sydney.

DrHammer34 said...

Have a great trip! Sounds like another great African adventure, are you heading toward Bulawayo?

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Have a great time, folks! Can't wait to hear all about the adventure. Lots of photos, please...

naturesmark said...

Check out the 60 Minutes interview with Damien Mander on 3/10. Ex Aussie commando with multiple tours of duty in Iraq, now using his specialist skills to train elite staff to hunt poachers in Zimbabwe - great background for another ripping TP blockbuster (fiction or non-fiction) - inspirational stuff for all Africa-lovers.


Anonymous said...

can't agree more with naturesmark re Damian Mander - thought the same, that it could kick start the creative juices for the next TP special. Enjoyed The Delta - didn't necessarily consider it to be a book the boys would read ahead of the girls - as some critic commented - I enjoyed it as much as the next 'bloke'. Anyhow, watch out for Damian...yikes!!!

appartements a louer a yaounde said...

i'd like to go there too