Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I heart my Kindle

I love my Amazon Kindle ebook reader, almost as much as I love my Land Rover and my small but perfectly formed wife. Serioulsy, it's that good.

I've been meaning to post about my geekish affair with ebooks for a long time, but never got around to it. Fortunately my techno-savvy friend Joel, who is one of the editors at Pan Macmillan, has interviewed me about using my Kindle in Africa on his blog, here, so I can cross 'blog about Kindle' off my comprehensive list of things to do.

Just as well, as it's Mrs Blog's birthday today so I have a comprehensive to-do list today.

1. Check emails (done)
2. Blog about Kindle (done)
3. Do more edits on Book 8. (ummm, pending, due to birthday party)
4. Get drunk
5. Cook dinner for wife.

Maybe that should be:
4. Cook dinner for wife
5. Get drunk.

No, here's a better idea.

4. Get drunk while cooking dinner for wife.

Anyhow, all this list making is making me look very productive, as she sits opposite me, checking her birthday emails on her computer.

Joel's posting the Kindle interview in two parts, to add to the suspense. I bet you can't wait to see how it ends.

How about you, Legion of Fans (LOF), any ebook fans out there? I know at least a couple of you have dabbled in the world of digital books. Confess...


Anonymous said...

My friend is an avid Kindle possessor, and sold an extra one on ebay for more than she bought it for - was that to you, Mr Park???

Trin said...

Belated happy birthday wishes to Mrs Blog. I sincerely hope you (TP)didnt get so drunk you couldn't perform .... in the kitchen that is!!

Digital books would certainly be the way to go when travelling, although I have had little exposure.

Light weight - a bonus when you're lugging an autographed copy of Delta halfway around the world - in your hand luggage in a gladbag with cardboard either side so it won't get damaged - because you can't (or won't) offload it once read.

Don't have to worry about the pages getting wet or creased.

Can read in bed (if you have someone there with you) without having to worry about the light bothering them or pages rustling - unless you're selfish that is.

ali g said...

Beauty of Kindle is that you can share an account with others...they can read your books and you can read theirs.
Currently reading 'Fall of Giants' by Ken Follet on mine which in paper is a very big book.
Anyone else read it?
My opinion ...messy, needs editing, too long and very boring..
A 'Pillars of the Earth' it ain't.
Whatever. Maybe it's just me..

dozycow said...

Happy Birthday Mrs B - I hope your dinner & party were wonderful !!

After reading your blog Tony I think that I should get myself a 'Kindle' too as I'm running out of house to store all the books in my collection.....
What a great idea it is.

Adrian Mendizabal said...

I would love to have a kindle my own. But since i don't have enough money, i'll just buy it when i get a job. nice blog though!