Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Important announcement... missing pages in The Delta

Greetings all, from Hoedspruit, near the Kruger National Park.

I just noticed a comment from a reader, Dion, on a previous post saying he was missing pages 123-154 from his South African edition of my latest book, THE DELTA.

I've contacted the publishers and they have been checking their stock. It appears Dion's copy may be a one-off printing error, but if anyone else has a problem with missing pages, please contact me via email at tonyparknews(at)gmail(dot)com

Dion, please email me as I have a pdf for you of the missing pages, or, if you wish, the publishers can arrange a replacement copy for you.

Snowed under with edits at the moment, but I'll soon have a blog on Rwanda for you. Stay tuned.


dion said...

Hi Tony, thanks for the instant feedback and offer of a PDF of the pages. Just back from exclusive books (in that Uber Posh centre, Hyde Park - Joburg) and happy to say the missing pages seems to be a one off in my copy - EB changed the book for me immediately and without any hassle. It was everything I could do not to just carry on reading from page 155 - now I can go find out what Sonja does to to Coyote Sam when they go back to camp.... This new copy will be going up to Zambia with me next week where there is already a waiting list of readers. Cracking yarn - keep on writing!

rhodiejeff said...

Hi Tony, waiting for your report on the guys in fur coats? Unless you're still up there - adopted?