Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm baaaaack

And as he tiptoes in, acutely aware of the echo of his own footsteps, he asks: "hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there?"

Greetings non facebookers, assuming any of you are still here, bothering to read this blog.  I cannot believe it has been seven months since I posted anything here.  Well, actually I can believe it, because that's how long I've been working on my 10th novel, and a couple of new non fiction books.

Busy does not begin to describe how chaotic my work life has been, Legion of Fans (LOF), but I am back and humbly at your service.

In fact, I have resumed blogging with a frenzy.  I've posted a blog about Zimbabwe and beer (two of my favourite things) here on the Getaway  Magazine Blog.

Also, I have a brand new blog on the excellent Africa Geographic Magazine website and you can view my first post, in which I try to fathom my addiction to Africa here


naturesmark said...

Good to hear from you. You must reaslise that those of us with a somewaht more mundane routines rely upon such Blogs as yours to keep us a bit sane


TIS said...

Hey TP… Welcome back!!! Some of us were getting a bit worried about you! Am glad to have my fav blogger back ;o)