Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leaping leopards, Batman!

As you blog followers may have guessed I have been favouring Facebook over the blog lately, but felt that I must also share the following video with y'all here (I just shared it on FB).

I'm not, as a rule, given to sharing stuff other people have posted, but this movie of a leopard in South Africa (the setting is not specified, but it looks like the Sabi Sand Game Reserve to me) by Martha van Rensburg is just breathtaking.

When you watch the video, look for the leopard lying in wait on the left hand side of the road.  It is facing towards the right hand side of the road, from whence a herd of spooked impala comes charging.

Hit the old freeze-frame a few times and you'll get some spectacular shots of the leaping, somersaulting leopard.

And, just because this blog is all about me, here are some more pics from my recent six-month stint in Africa:

Not roaring, but yawning - a lioness at Sabi Sabi game lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Pied kingfisher, Lake Kariba.

Their kids are cute when they're little - juvenile hyena in Kruger.

Fish Eagle, near Letaba Camp, in Kruger

Cheetah with a late impala, Doispane Road, Kruger.

Lioness, Masuma Dam, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Also, for you non Facebookers, here's a link to the online version of a story I wrote for the 'Escape' travel magazine, which features in Sunday newspapers around Australia, about house-boating on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.


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Flea said...

Love how the cameras goes in overdrive!