Friday, November 10, 2006

Bongiorno Italia and attentin Latvia!

Before I start on this shameless plug for me and my books, let me apologise for the lack of pictures.  When blogging via email I can't send pictures.  I can't call up the blog on the web, either, as I connect to the 'net when travelling via a mobile phone, which has a speed of 9.6kbps.  For non technical people, like myself, that means f*ing slowly.
Anyway, greetings, or bongiorno, I suppose, to all my future Italian readers.  Just got some good news from my very good friends at Pan Macmillan (the publishers) that my first book, Far Horizon, and third, African Sky, are to be translated into Italian and released there sometime in the near future.
That means I am, or will soon be, published in five languages - English (though my former boss and now senior sub editor Greg N would question that claim); Dutch, German, Italian and Latvian).
Yes, Latvian.  Attention, legion of Latvian fans (all 500 of you - I prefer the term 'limited edition' rather than 'very small print run').... As the publishers never came through with a Latvian copy of "Zambezi" I will pay good money for one of these. 
Too much blogging, not enough work.  I fear I have fallen into the trap of procrastination.  Deb, it is all your fault.


Res said...

Buongiorno Mr. Park!
I'm from TEA, the publishing house that is going to publish your books in Italy. Thank you for your words to your future Italian readers. We're still planning the release date of the first one, but we're looking forward to it with great excitement.
Thank you again, by now, all the best for your trip and for everything else.
stefano res

Deb said...

Tony, Tony, Tony.... how can you blame me - one of your biggest fans - for your blogging addiction. I fear you will need to reduce your blogging to only once a day so you can return to your predestined occupation of "bloody Good Author". Absolutely LOVED African Sky, and can't wait for No 4.... bring it on.
Love to both you and Nicola