Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pirates are mightier than the pen(man)

In chilling postscript to the less than flattering item I posted about monkeys, the pirates of pretorisukop paid our campsite another visit yesterday.
Mrs B and I returned from the camp shop with some staples (beer, tonic water, ice) and found newspaper strewn on the ground near Tonka the Land Rover.
We're very scrupulous about not leaving food out, or in the tents (the Pirates' primate cousins, the baboons, who make the odd raid on the camp, make the vervets look like kittens, and are not above ripping open tents to get at food).  In the side pocket of one of our chairs, however, was a newspaper and a ballpoint pen.
The paper was scattered and after some searching we found the pen.  It had been held in a tiny, grubby little hand and then bitten, once, right on the metal tip, squashing it so that the nib can never protrude again when the pen is clicked. 
I have been warned.
PS: Thanks, Deb, for your many comments.  Once post per day, I promise.


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

The pirates are too funny.

Despite the fact that my own blog is terribly refined and the pirate story may be a shock to the Ladies, I am going to write something up now that links back to the wicked Blue Balls and the two-limbed Pirate King.

Keep it up (and your earlier curse is noted. Too bad.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a descendant of my pencil eating monkey? Or is there some spooky telepathic link that connects monkeys across the Time/Space Continuum.