Sunday, October 19, 2008

See me! Hear me!

OMG, I am such a big head. Not only was I just doing a bit of shameless self googling (now that I am back in reasonable internet contact in South Africa), I've just been watching myself on an internet video!

No, it's not me with Pamela Anderson, it's me speaking at Sutherland Shire Libarary in Sydney's southern suburbs.

So, if you missed my recent tour of library visits or if, as in the case of the entire state of South Australia, I missed you, and you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time, then click HERE and see me giving my talk.

(If you did see me, then don't bother, as I gave the same talk at every venue. Also, Gregory David Roberts, author of Shantaram, if you've found your way here via a bit of self googling then... sorry).


Java said...

I'll go check it out since I haven't met you yet in real life like other lucky people.
I bought Shantaram a while a got but still haven't started reading it, did you, did you like it?
I'm reading Memoirs of a Geisha atm and it goes slow since I only have time in bed in the evenings to get through 4 or so pages.

ali g said...

Midnight here got Bubu out of bed and we plus Claude settled down with a cuppa and watched the whole talk. [40 min] Just great...even Claude stayed awake and watched but he's now starting to nodd off.He liked the bit about the lions outside the tent especially <^..^>