Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are 10,000, Legion of Fans!

In fact, we are 10,018 according to an email I received from the other day, Legion of Fans (LOF). That is, there have been 10,018 visits to this blog since I started it in... well, whenever I started it.

How about that?

OK, it may be that the split is me: 5,000 visits; Ali G 5,000 visits; and the rest of you: 18, but, what the hey... it's a milestone.

So, from me to you, a big Tatenda, Dankie, Grazie, and thank you, whether you're a regular or you've just dropped in looking for those naked ladies in Gorilla masks. I love you all, LOF and without you, well, I wouldn't be here doing this instead of working now, would I?

1 comment :

ali g said...

5000...thought it would be more than that...Guess what....Googled 'naked ladies in gorilla masks' and guess whose website came up in position no. 7
Funny that Eh?