Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama free zone

Hey, I'm happy for the dude and all that, but you'll find absolutely no mention of him here

Instead, you'll find me, at my Getaway blog, talking about what makes a good campsite. Go there and post a comment. Make it look like I'm popular.

In other interesting news to hand... it's official Legion of Fans (LOF) I have a big head. I finally bit the bullet and went to an optometrist the other day, in Hazyview, near the Kruger Park. Quite an apt location as my view of pages has been hazy these last few months (yuck yuck yuck).

Anyway, turns out I do not have some rare disease that is causing progressive blindness - I'm just getting old. Also, did you know, LOF, that the average distance between human eyes (according to my optometrist) is 65mm, yet my eyes are a (frankly staggering) 75mm apart.

You knew it all along - my head has swollen.


Crookedpaw said...

Does that make you predator or prey?


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you won't have to borrow glasses in order to read a menu any more?

Shame. We shall miss that.

(ps - psychosOmatic, from the earlier post. Kind regards, Compulsive Spellers Anon.)

tonypark said...

Anonymous, my bum. I see right through you, now that I have my prescription glasses.

Yes, I will now be bringing my own glasses to dinner.

Those that can, blog; those that can't, correct other bloggers' spelling.

gd said...

His eyes were so far apart that his tears ran down his ears...Spike Jones..hi Bec

painterbill said...

Yea mate, same problem when coming of age! Yet renew HT license this year, doc said more than 20/20 vision for distance and pity rest of my old bod not as good!