Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tonka thanks you

Thanks to all of you who have publicly or privately sent your best wishes to Tonka the Land Rover in his time of need. A special mention must be made of Grommit, Tonka's internet pen friend, who even sent a get well card (above).
Grommit is a Series IIa who lives in Australia and one day he hopes to visit Africa. Grommit's mummy and daddy, Jess and Alastair, would do well to read my last post about naming vehicles, but I fear it is too late for them. Anyway, thanks to all of you.
And in news just to hand... The Malelane Land Rover doctor advises that he decided to replace Tonka's piston rings (whatever they are) while he was busy fixing everything else wrong with Tonka's heart (engine), however the spare parts supplier sent him the wrong size rings. Tonka will be in hospital until early next week. He is in good company, though, as there is a Land Cruiser in the bed next to him.


Dowlzo said...

Obviously in a public ward if sharing with a landcruiser.
Tell tonky boy to take out some private med insurance and then could get lucky enough to share a room with an ML Benz . Hooah

meggie said...

I hope Tonka's rings arrive in good order.

Java said...

In the bed next to him, Tinka??
Sending more wishes to Tonka from Aussie land. Great to speak to you the other day, I intend to post that one too, more publicity you know.

ali g said...

get a nice red bentley gt like pj impractical spose but who'd give a rats. its all about the look these days

Anonymous said...

Typical series 11a sucking up to a series 111.... see it all the time...when will it ever end?