An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hey, I'm on TV!

Here's the TV ad for THE DELTA, now showing on various free-to-air and pay TV channels around the country.

Fame, if not fortune, at last...

(PS: I don't know why none of my Youtube videos seem to fit in the blog properly anymore. I can assure you the original is not cropped like this, but you'll get the general idea)


ali g said...

rickapoody and a fandoogalie...!

dozycow said...

Great clip Tony !

Heidihi said...

How exciting.

I've just started The Delta and am loving it.

RobertLW said...

That's actually pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr Tony, your so Rugged!

buck said...

Hi Tony, you need to adjust the pixel size in the embedding code for the videos to fit,Where the code says Width "640", just change the number to a smaller number and see what happens. Works for me on my self run web site.
Thanks for the Stories, Loving Delta.
Buck from Dubbo.

tonypark said...

Thanks Buck!

Robert... not as cool as your profile pic.