Monday, August 16, 2010

Next stop, Narellan Library... and we have a winner

The promotional tour for the Australian release of my new novel, THE DELTA, rolls on, although at the moment it's actually puttering at quite a sedate pace in and around my home town of Sydney.

Next stop is Narellan Library, 6.30pm, Wednesday August 18. I'm looking foward to seeing a library at Narellan because when I was growing up in nearby Campbelltown the only two things at Narellan were the Gayline drive-in movie (what... theatre? cinema? parking lot?) and cows. I recall many a fond night sneaking people into the drive-in, and being snuck-in myeself, though we pretty much left the cows alone.

I also recall a rather dangerous night when a couple of mates and I went to see the original Mad Max movie at the Gayline in my XR Falcon. The end of the movie was like the waving of a chequered flag as a fleet of Fords and Holdens set about re-enacting key scenes of that seminal flick, as teenage drivers challenged each other with calls of "I'll see you on the highway, Skag," and "that Skag and his floozy are gunna dieeeeee." Or something like that.

But I digress.

Oh, and yes, we have a winner to the "tell-a-lie-about-how-I-ended-up-with-stitches-in-my-nose" competition. Lest you think that I am a tight a*rse (or tight a*s as the winner might say), who wouldn't cough up the postage to send a book to the US and A, or that winning a competition once precludes you from winning twice, the winner is your very own Karen Bessey-Pease, of somewhere USA. Karen, you have won the TP book of your choice, other than THE DELTA (because I don't have any copies left and they cost too much for me to buy from the publishers).

In other news, I spoke to a customarily large crowd of customarily lovely people at St Ives Library in Sydney last Friday. I do like St Ives Library, as they a good get a turn-out and the lovely librarian Penny knows the way to my heart (mini scones for morning tea and a bottle of booze as a present). Thanks to you all at the library.

Coming right up later this week, post Narellan, is Concord Library, at 1pm on Friday August 20.

The tour is drawing to a close and my departure to Africa is looming...


Karen Bessey Pease said...

Well, what do you know! Trev popped over to Grumbles and Grins and left an ambiguous comment on my blog, and I thought he was telling me that HE had won your contest! Knowing Trev as I do (sorry, darling) I was flabbergasted, of course!

Now I see that it's not only Trev's brain cells which have suffered from years of debauchery... I thought I'd escaped unscathed.

So... thank you! I am tickled to death to have won an autographed novel.

Now, because I know this must be very painful for you, Tony, as you do have a reputation as a bit of a tight-a*s(squeak when you walk, they tell me) I shall take it easy on you. I'd like to have my prize novel autographed to one of my very good friends, right there in Oz. He's a man named Jack, and I've been trying to convince him to buy a Tony Park novel since last December. He simply can't believe an Aussie could write a decent AFRICAN novel! (He, of course, is a Scottish writer who's written a brilliant Australian novel...ha! Those Brits! SO Imperialistic!)

Anyway, to save YOU postage, and to ensure Jack gets hooked on TP, (a win-win, for YOU!) I ask that you autograph a novel (you may choose which one) to my pal, Jack. Please write: "To my pal, Jack. Love from TMKBP, FOASS". (Trust me, that would need asterisks if you had to spell out what that means...) Oh, and then your signature, of course. That's the most important part, and will guarantee that he reads it!! Yep, a win-win! I'll email you his address in QLD.

:o) Thanks, sweets.

Oh, and by the way... this hint is from an author who has had to employ the use of asterisks a time or two. Asterisks are only effective if one leaves out the letters they are going to replace. Otherwise, one kinda looks like a dumba*rse.

And that's all I'm gonna say on the matter...

Thanks again! Enjoy the rest of your book tour!


tonypark said...


ali g said...

Congratulations Karen.
Even got a famous 'whatever' as well!
Lucky girl!
Lady C has many in her collection but I'm still trying for my first.

Crookedpaw said...

Calling a Scotsman British. Hmmmm …

Perhaps you might have employed asterisks.

Congratulations! A well deserved win.

Live long and prosper.

Kazza said...

Hey, CP. :o)

I discovered a loooong time ago that I can call Jack a "Brit"... just-- not a "L*mey"!

And he can call me a "Yank", but not a "C*l*nial".

Trin said...

Well deserved Kaz...and fancy letting TP off the hook with the postage - sure you're not setting the groundwork for another future win?? Commisserations CP - and by the way, you were correct in your 50/50 guess. Oh and Karen, I'll hazard a bet that Jack won't allow √čnglish.

Kazza said...

Absolutely 'spot on' (as the Limeys, the British, the Scots and the Brits seem to say...)

No WAY can I call him English! (Unless I do it in French...)

Thanks, Trin.


dozycow said...

Hey Karen
Well done & congratulations !
Your pal Jack is in for a wonderful treat whichever book you choose for him !

Trev said...

congratulations windbag.

Karen Bessey Pease said...

Better luck next time, blowhard.