Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back... sort of

... just stumbled in from the windswept, dusty plains of Etosha Pan, Namibia, and currently slaking my thirst with an ice cold Windhoek Draught or two, in the eponymous city (Windhoek that is, not Draught).

I've just been wading through a span/stack/heap of emails and noticed a couple about a Mr Damien Mander, former Aussie commando who was shot in Zimbabwe while working on anti-poaching patrols.

Thanks Anonymous and Naturesmark for mentioning this little incident in the blog comments. Geepers, it sounds a lot like my fourth book, SAFARI! Anyone remember that one (ex Aussie special forces soldier training anti poaching patrols in Zimbabwe)? Hmmm?.

All is well. Or, at least it will be after a few more beers.

I miss you all and will be back in more regular contact in a few days' time with tall tales and true from my travels when I get back into South Africa.

Much to report...



Anonymous said...

SPOTTED! One green SWB Series III Landrover in the October 2010 edition of 4 x 4 Australia magazine

Les said...

Nice to hear from you again Tony,thank goodness for draught in dry places.
I assume you heard what is going on here with the poor Rhinos.
It's just a pity it wasn't the bloody Rhino poachers that were shot, they should bring out a law to shoot them on sight.