Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome, UK and South African readers

Dark Heart, due for release in November, 2012, in the UK and South Africa!


If you've stumbled across me and my books and you live in the UK or South Africa (or perhaps other parts of Africa and the Middle East where my books have been showing up lately, then you may be wondering (well, at least I hope you're wondering) where you can track down the rest of my books.

So far I've written NINE novels set in Africa. All were originally published in my native Australia, and they've been re-published by my UK publisher, Quercus Books. Quercus has committed to publishing my next couple of books and they'll be progressively rolling out all the old ones.

As all of my books were previously available in South Africa through a different publisher, Quercus has committed to releasing all of them there, first. So far, FAR HORIZON, ZAMBEZI, SAFARI, IVORY, SILENT PREDATOR, THE DELTA and AFRICAN DAWN have all been released in South Africa. Another of my earlier books, AFRICAN SKY is due for re-release soon.

In the UK, at the time I'm updating this post (November, 2012) you can so far buy SILENT PREDATOR, THE DELTA and AFRICAN DAWN. The other titles will follow in the near future.

The good news is that my ninth novel, DARK HEART will be released in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK in November 2012.

If you are new to the blog, please feel free to browse around and, if you wish, even sign on as a follower. We're a happy band of friends here, generally united by a love of all things African, and a desire to take the p*ss out of yours truly (that goes for me as well).

I use the blog as a kind of informal travel diary when I'm in Africa, and as a tool of shameless self promotion (which I try to keep to a minimum) when I'm back in Australia.

So, sit back, have a cuppa or a drink (depending on whether you're at work or at home, and what your employer's drug and alcohol policy allows), put your feet up, and enjoy. Or get back to work.

Cheers, and thanks for coming.



RobertLW said...

Great news, TP.

rhodiejeff said...

Hi Tony,
Looks like I'll be doing this on both sides of the Equator from now on... Where you are now? Gathering info for another book or just supporting `tusker breweries'?

Mags said...

I have missed your input on ST and was worried about when I was going to see the next book!! Will it be in the UK in November - I hope so. Hope all is well with you and your family.