Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big news next week

I know you're probably tired of my excuses for not blogging, but they are valid. Editing... writing... editing... writing.... drinking... editing... writing... drinking.

After finishing the copy edits on my third top secret non fiction book, and my not-so-secret eighth novel, 'AFRICAN DAWN' (due out in August in Australia and in October in the UK and South Africa) I'm now about to get back into finishing off my ninth novel. It's called 'BOOK NINE'.

What I find when I'm actually writing (as opposed to going through my editor's edits) is that a bit of blogging in the morning helps to fire me up for the day's work, so expect something more than a bit of shameless self promotion in the weeks to come.

But for now, here's some more shamless self promotion in the form of quite a deep review of THE DELTA in South Africa's Business Day here , and another review in The Citizen (Johannesburg) here


RobertLW said...

I'm sure the book-buying public will support you with "African Dawn" and "Book 9" (sounds like "Distrcit 9"). Might even buy 5 or 6 copies myself!

dozycow said...

It's now 'next week' so please, what's the 'Big News' ?

Btw: those were another two excellent, and well deserved, reviews. Congrats

Anonymous said...

Is this an extended holiday Mr Park? Looking about for your next adventure....a book perhaps??? Thinking you must be snowed under perfecting Book 9. And yes, RobertLW - might even do the same, and make a purchase, or two!