Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hi, remember me?

... well, I wouldn't blame you if you've forgotten me.

Forgive me, Legion of Fans (LOF) for neglecting you for so long. It seems I'm always apologising on here for being too busy to blog. But there it is. I've been flat out going through the edits on my third non fiction book, touring South Africa to promote THE DELTA, and trying to write a ninth novel.

So there.

Actually, I've also been doing a fair bit of socialising and drinking on the South African tour, instead of staying up late and blogging.

I've been very fortunate to meet quite quite a few of y'all from here and facebook on this tour. Had me a ball in Cape Town and soaked up some sun, sea and lobster curry in Durban. In Gauteng I had an exceptionally excessive dinner with the Exclusive Books people in Sandton, and an absolute hoot at a lunch at Pachas in Pretoria today.

Some authors I've heard of find promo tours tiring. One very famous author I know of apparently ended up curled up in the fetal position in the shower of his hotel room, crying his eyes out, such was his angst and stress at having to out and have a glass of wine with his public. I won't name names, or course, or reveal how I heard this tidbit, but my message to said famous person, in the unlikely event that I ever meet him, is "cowboy the f* up, dude".

Personally, I find touring a good deal of fun. The hardest part for me is recovering the next morning from the night before. But if I'm feeling a bit seedy I just tell myself to cowboy up. I mean, mixing with people and talking about books and Africa, and squeezing in the odd bevvy is hardly working, is it?

I'm off to the Old Dart tonight, to London, England (as people say in America so you don't get confused and think you're actually in Paris, France) to meet with my wonderful, wise, sensational and forward thinking publishers at Quercus, and my agent, who I have yet to meet, even though she has already landed me some very nice publishing deals.

I've written a very long (perhaps too long) post about my recent visit to the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and will post it soon on the new-look Getaway Magazine blog, once I work out how to log into it.

Soon the travelling will be over, LOF, and I'll find a little corner where I can hunker down and finish off Book 9 and get back to some serious blogging.

Miss you all. Truly I do.


Crookedpaw said...

Looking very seedy indeed. A bit of a shave and a haircut, perhaps?

Actually, it reminds of the tale of the young woman who went out on the town one night, only to wake up the next morning and find herself lying next to a gorilla ...

Hmmm. Maybe it can wait for the 9PM time-slot.

Live long and prosper.

TIS said...

Hey TP,
Great to hear that you enjoyed your SA tour .... and can’t wait to read all about your visit to Rwanda.
I understand you caught up with my close friend at Books and Books at Kensington in Durbs...apparently chatting and reminiscing about so many places and people you both knew. She also said that she told you some stories about me (I shudder to think what they were!!). I also want to thank you for signing a copy of The Delta (that she’d bought) and making it out to I just have to wait until it’s done the rounds with her, then she’ll send it to me. My friend also mentioned that you thanked me for introducing my friends to your are very welcome! I’m constantly recommending your books to my father-in-law who runs a bookshop in Hobart.
Love the gorilla pic to btw....

dozycow said...

That's a wonderful photo Tony.

Enjoy the UK & looking forward to lots more blogs, and pics of course, of your travels & adventures.


Flea said...

Yeah c'mon back home for a bit! lol
Hey Today Tonight had a piece on about Kevin Richards. Made out his this crazy S'African who "play" with lions, no mention really as far as I can tell about skill, talent, who it all happend etc. Typical media!
Now every tourist are gonna walk up to a Lion and say "here kitty"
Any how, would love to still read his book, if you have by any chance a signed copy to many?