Sunday, December 18, 2011

A monumental experience

Here's a picture of a cheetah, next to what appears to be a termite mound with a slit in it but which is, in fact, a man-made underground viewing hide.

There are two people inside the hide. The cheetah seems to be saying, hmmm, I love these things, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Who, you might ask, would be so silly as to sit in such a thing, with an esky (cooler box) full of beer while wild animals come and stick their faces, trunks and other bits and bobs through the aforementioned hole?

For the answer, I urge you all to waste a little more time and click through to my Getaway Magazine blog here. There's a report on my recent travels in Zimbabwe and my stay at 'The Hide', one of the most beautiful game lodges I've ever been to.

As for the here and now, I'm in the gold mining town of Barberton, where I believe The Power of One was set. I don't know for sure, as I saw the movie and didn't read the book. I'm doing a bit of research for Book 10.

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RossJ said...

What is the humidity like in Mozambique in December?