An Empty Coast

An Empty Coast
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did I show you this?

Can't remember. Old man's disease. If not, here it is, the cover for the Italian edition of Far Horizon. I like it, and so does a nice man named Fabio who emailed me yesterday asking if there would be more to come, in Italian. Si.


bec said...

Excellent work, Captain, especially for a trog.

Next week I'm showing you: the exciting world of hyperlinks...

Muriel said...

Breathing in the savannah? Oy. Those Italians know just how to put it. Can't wait to read the sex scenes in the language of lovers.

bec said...

Oh, I see. Now I know why I couldn't see my comment where it belongs on the post below (so was forced to come up with even more insulting remarks about your lack of internetability when I replaced my comment in the correct spot).

Feel free to delete me from here if you want (now I've showed you how to do that, too...)

Hann said...