Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The New Blogger

Looks very much like the old blogger, doesn't it? But my friend Bec, who is as good on the keyboard as she is in the chocolate tart department, has helped me with a minor upgrade of the blog.

For a simpleton like me, the main advantage is being able to add that impressive list of links on the left to my very good friends around the world. If you'd like to be listed there, simply send me a post telling me I've forgotten to add you (and an unmarked 20 in a plain envelope).

Shameless cross promotion is, of course, the name of the game. Bec has also helped me install a site meter, so I will know when all four of you are snooping about. "Vee know vot u are doink here in zee cyberspace... Tell you friends to buy zeese books or zere vill be sirty days in zee cooler vor u all."

Mrs Blog has also started taking an interest in the blog here and at Getaway Magazine where you can find something much more interesting than these ramblings.

In late breaking news, the launch party for Safari (book 4) will be held on August 2, in Sydney. I will try and organise for someone not too drunk to take photos.


bec said...

You did very well, cyber-caveman that you are.

Next week: how to hyperlink to my chocolate tart recipe...

Hann said...

Finally I'll get my photo since I wasn't able to come over myself and take it! I'll have a word with that photographer now!
So Mrs. Blog's url are ....?

Hann said...

You need a banner too, we are good at making them, just check Gramma's blog out as proof (Raise your hand if) .. but off course you would have read that post in my blog while you were over, maybe I need a site meter too to find out who's lurking and not commenting.