Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getaway to another blog

I'm pleased (and, shucks, honoured) to report, legion of fans - all four of you - that I've been asked to contribute a blog to Getaway Magazine's website. Here it is, the new blog

All you South Africans out there (both of you) will know what Getaway is. For the non-Africans among us, Getaway is THE premier travel magazine in South Africa. I've often recommended it to people because I believe (and I'm not just saying this to suck up to them because I'm going to be doing a blog for them) it contains some of the best travel writing I've ever seen.

It's a high-quality glossy mag devoted to travel around Africa. Mrs Blog and I are keen readers whenever we're on the continent.

I won't be giving up this blog, and I'll try to vary the content between the two. So, if you're minded, take a peek and feel free to leave a comment!

1 comment :

Hann said...

That's fantastic, congratulations again!
I went over for a look and left you a comment already, I enjoyed the story of the "making a plan"