Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the lap of luxury

Wrinkled, Legion of Fans (LOF), is what Mrs Blog and I were after two days in the luxurious Tinga Legends private safari lodge.

If we weren't in the beautiful infinity pool watching animals across the Sabie River we were in the bubble bath sipping champagne (laid on by the lodge for Mrs B's birthday); cleansing ourselves in the double shower; or taking port and coffee under the stars in our own private heated plunge pool on the deck of our luxury suite.

No traipsing through dirt and puff adders to the ablution block at this place, LOF. Each luxury air conditioned unit has a monstrous bed, mini bar, widescreen TV, DVD player and sound system.

Some silly people have said to me ridiculous things such as; "Who needs five-star luxury in the African bush?"

I'll tell you who, LOF - ME and Mrs Blog. When you live in a poly-propylene igloo or on top of a Land Rover for five months of the year, a little air-con and DSTV (satellite TV) goes a very long way!

Tinga is not cheap, but fortunately Mrs Blog has a very altruistic brother, who kindly spotted us for a couple of days at the lodge in honour of Mrs B's significant birthday.

Tinga (let's say that name again) also happens to feature in my next book, which is due for release in August 2008, so expect a good deal more shameless promotion and cross-promotion in the months to come. Tinga was established a few years ago when South African National Parks offered a number of concessions to private operators inside the Kruger National Park. Tinga's concession covers the game-rich land between the Sabie and Sand rivers, not far from Skukuza.

The only problem with Tinga Legends Private Safari Lodge is that it is so luxurious it's tempting to stay indoors, or on one's private deck, rather than go out on the twice daily game drives. Mrs B and I have spotted more than our fair share of animals on this trip, however we did go out on three of the four drives available during our stay.

It was worth it. We saw all of the big five, including two different leopard sightings. The first leopard our guide found for us had been chased up a tree by a pack of wild dogs (possibly the same painted puppies we saw on Mrs B's birthday) which were still milling and squeaking around the base of the tree. In the world of game viewing, LOF, it doesn't get much better than that.

And hearing the distant moan of a lion or the whoop of a hyena while watching the stars from a bubbling private pool? Priceless.


noddy said...

Pip Pip RSM,
When one tends to celebrate ones' birthday, it's usually for 24hrs. The delightful Mrs B has been going hard at it for at least a fortnight (I'm sure she hasn't been by herself). Does this mean she is continuing on until her next birthday or just whilst in country?????

P.S. Have found a partner/replacement for Tonka, will send photo.

ali g said...

Can you bring your own dvds? Like "Out of Africa", "Nowhere in Africa", "White Mischief" "Elephant Walk" et al?
Altruism from within the family has a nice ring to wondering when Bruce W agrees to play the hero role in the filming of Zambesi ..maybe...just maybe a very nice author chap may like to shout his very attractive and elegant mother [who some I have heard say within the walls of retail alcohol outlets looks much younger than her son] oh and her also very charming husband [you know..he of the socks & sandals] to say a weeks visit to Tinga.
Flying 1st class too of course..
If not it looks so terrific may just have to get there regardless.
Spose they made you park Tonka out the back?

Java said...

Heaven on Earth!
I love your pictures, how lovely, must be some great camera you've got.

meggie said...

Looks divine. Worthy gift for Mrs B.

The Barman said...

You people have a thing for baths. Must be a reaction to Mrs P's English heritage.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the other half of Mr Blogger, for her well deserved B-Day. May she live a thousand MORE years. Pssss....some of us have babtised Mrs B the faceless-one, since she manages- very well at that- to always shield her face on camera. Not that we object to that of-course. And Mr Blogger, we -again us being the newcomers to this blog- are still awaiting for the personal letter of acceptace from you, the orders to march, or whatever reception is in store for us.

The One you may call Namibian-Windhoeker,