Friday, November 02, 2007

Safari Chic(o)

Here it is, Legion of Fans, the latest word in rugged, dependable, macho African safari vehicles, Chico the Volkswagen 1.4 Citi Golf.

No photoshopping has been employed here to illustrate the difference in size between Mr Blog and the small-but-perfectly-formed Chico (just a slightly creative camera angle, but you get the picture - 6'6" blogger, 3'6" car).

Stuffed to the gunnels and riding low on his wafer-thin springs, Chico is doing valiant service while Tonka sits, in more than one piece, in hospital just across the Crocodile River from Malelane Camp, where I am currently blogging and drinking.

Dusk is falling and Mrs B and I spotted a leopard today not 200 metres away from where I am now. With a bit of luck we might hear him grunting away in the night.

Malelane's a lovely little camp on the southern border of Kruger. Some locals don't like it, because you can hear the train and the hum of traffic from the N4 freeway, and the see the smoke from the sugar refinery across the river.

Funnily enough, that's what I do like about it - knowing that there are leopards, lions, rhinos and Chicos literally a stone's throw away from civilisation as we know it.


Crookedpaw said...


Bloody hell! Maybe I should alter my review of African Sky (posted if you're interested).

Loved your photos in the previous post, particularly the eagle. Very jealous. Mostly because I'm not there to see these things for myself. But partly because I don't possess a camera that can take pictures like that.

Java said...

Just finished Safari the other day! Very very good, as Gargoyle said, ended typical Tony Park style.

Guess who's coming to Africa in July 08, whoop hooop, whoop hoop, doing happy dance here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meggie said...

So, how the hell does 6'6" fit into Chico??
Do you have concertina shaped limbs, or spine??

ali g said...

Crack out the beers PARKS & WILDLIFE see you next week. Mrs G is looking forward to seeing you very much.

Herr Doktor said...

Rather concerned with your spine, how do you fold yourself into this beast? Are your knees scratching your ears? How long before Tonka is back?
More photos please.

tonypark said...

Thanks all for your comments and concerns.

Chico actually isn't too unpleasant to drive. There's just enough room for my legs, though the window winder digging into my right knee is not nice, nor the tool box prodding my back.

I wouldn't like to be sitting behind me, though, as there isn't enough leg room for a five-year-old.

Will do on the picturs, Herr Doktor - it's easier posting pics than thinking of something to write.