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An Empty Coast
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Big news next week...

...which actually was, believe it or not, a headline carried once upon a time by a now defunct local newspaper in Sydney called the St George Voice. I worked on the rival newspaper, which prided itself on having news every week (twice a week, in fact). The Voice's only other claim to fame was that it had a transsexual photographer.

But I digress. There is no news in Blog Land this week, other than the alarmingly narrow margin by which the leopard skin wallpaper on the blog survived my inaugural Blog Poll. The 12-10 result in favour was much closer than I expected. I suspect Mother Blog was marshalling a few votes against the skin, as she is something of an animal rights activist and no doubt has some philosophical problems with animal pelts (even virtual) being used for decoration.

Oh, and the other news is the Zimbabwean elections, which are usually about as rigorous as a Tony Park Blog Poll (and subject to a similar amount of gerry mandering and skullduggery. I, like Comrade President, would not survive scrutiny by an independent team of election monitors).

So, the leopard skin is here to stay, though I hope Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe will soon be consigned to the history books (and, with a bit of luck, the World Court).

I'm raving, Legion of Fans (the two of you who have stuck it out this far into this boring post) because my head is crammed with my own writing and it is doing me in. I have been proof-reading the soon-to-be-released SILENT PREDATOR (get that, search engines?) and editing he as yet-unnamed Book 6.

My profound thanks go to Muriel and Hann, who shared this onerous task with me for SILENT PREDATOR, and of course to Mrs B, Mother B, and Mother-in-law B, who all took their turns reading and fixing the sex scenes.

No other news, except that the eagerly awaited results of the South African Blog Awards will be out in a couple of days' time. If I win the best travel blog category then expect to see much shameless self promotion.

If I lose, then expect to hear nothing more about the SA Blog Awards (at least for another year) and little more from me for a while as I scuttle, shamefaced, back to my editing.

So, pray for Big News, both here and in Zimbabwe.


redcap said...

Definitely fingers crossed for Zim. There's going to be a mess no matter what happens, though. Let's just hope that Mugabe gets run out of town on a rail with the minimum loss of life.

The St George Voice sounds like the suburban where I suffered through my cadetship. Ah, the good old Weekly Times. It had no claim to fame, I'm afraid. If only it had had a transexual photographer...

ali g said...

Mother Blog wishes to report that she is not of a vote rigging persuasion and like Mr Mugabe wouldn't be able to sleep at night if such was thought of her.

Java said...

Keepin an eye on Zim too from here, have not heard today's news yet ... results should have been out yet!
No worries, it was my ultimate pleasure to help out, anything for a visit and signed copy!

redcap said...

Heavens above, will that useless creature Mugabe just lie down and die?! A week later and still nothing!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for Zim, can't wait to go back on my next holiday, no matter the outcome, but can only hope that it will be a changed country for my next visit!

Mother Blog said...

Mr Mugabe is 100 years old and weighs 4 stone wringing wet. Why can't someone just push him over and stomp on him? Problem solved.

ali g said...

What she said