Monday, March 10, 2008

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the Parky

Guess what, Legion of Fans, (pay attention, all four of you), I have been nominated for an award in the 2008 South African Blog Awards, for my contribution to the Getaway Magazine Blog.

Attention, friends, Romans (for the Italian readers out there), country men (those living in Mudgee and Eurgowra), lend my your right index fingers.

I need you all to vote for me, so that I might become (more) famous in South Africa.

Bread, circuses and free beer will be redeemable for all votes.

You'll find my nomination in the 'Best Travel Blog' section. I'm near the bottom of the list and the travel section is a fair way down as well.



tonypark said...

Oops, I mean Eugowra.

ali g said...

Votes cast!
They tell me first prize is a bag of Land Rover spare parts.
Come on everybody.. get those votes in. Tonka needs your support!!!

JR said...

Is anybody else having problem opening the sablogawards site?

meggie said...

Voted for you!

Muriel said...

You got my vote. When do I get to go to the circus?

redcap said...

And now you owe me three beers, old sport ;) I'll get Bloke to vote too - he was supposed to be studying the past three days, but he claims it's been too hot and has read Safari and Zambezi (cover to cover) instead. I think he's missing Africa, you know.