Friday, March 21, 2008

Slide night

Peel a prawn, pop a tinnie and sit back and enjoy (or suffer, depending on your point of view), a slide show of Mr and Mrs Blog's last safari to Africa.

Finally got around to uploading these to flickr, so you can click here to view about 50 pics of Africa in all her glory. (If you double click on each pic you can read a brief caption saying where it was taken).

Thanks to all who voted for me in the SA Blog Awards. The big announcement is on April 2. If I win, I'll tell you all. If I don't, I'll pretend it never meant anything to me.


ali g said...

Superb slide show ..just brilliant photos.. they bring back all our wonderful memories
Ali G & mother Blog

meggie said...

Brilliant photos!
Thankyou for sharing them with us.

Crookedpaw said...

Wonderful photos! You can almost smell the land.

redcap said...

Oh man, your pics are way better than mine! I need a new camera. And five months in Africa :(

Java said...

Loved it, it really brings Africa into your lounge.
Darn it, I tried to save one of 'em for my desktop back ground and can't!