Saturday, April 04, 2009

And the winner is... Timepilot! (not me)

Well, Legion of Fans (LOF), the results of the South African Blog Awards are in and, once more, I am the groomsman rather than the groom.

I was named a runner up in the Best Travel Blog award category at the star-studded SA Blog Awards prize night in Cape Town on Friday.

Thank you to all of you who voted for me (and for my friends at Salma-gundi and the Crabmommy). We all know who really should have won in our respective categories, but I am sure I speak for my lady blogging friends when I say well done to the winners.

On a more positive note, however, we have our very own winner here on the blog. Timepilot has been randomly selected from the ranks of voters and his bribe... errrrr... I mean prize is the Tony Park book of his/her choice.

(Timepilot if you drop me an email to... mail (at) and let me know which book you want, your prize will soon be in the mail).

Well done, Timepilot and don't worry the rest of you... 2009 will be the year of bribery and giveaways.

I'm busy busy at the moment doing my edits on the first draft of the manuscript of my seventh book, which is titled "BOOK SEVEN". Book six, "IVORY" is just about ready for the presses and is on track for release in late July.

I've just checked my site meter and March recorded the highest ever number of visits to the blog since it began. Thank you all for your support - even those of you searching for sexy ladies in gorilla masks in google.

I promise there will be more posts, more pictures and more books to come.

What about you, LOF? Ever won anything big?


dozycow said...

Oh Tony, how sad that you didn't win - at least you came very close as Runner-up so you should still feel proud of your efforts !!
Should we all start voting for you now so you can win next year ??

The answer to your question Tony is a big negative - I can't even win an argument, let alone anything worthwhile. Wasn't it Murphy who said "if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all...." ?

Timepilot : Well done & Congratulations on your win !! Whatever you choose it will be a great read.

ali g said...

bummer..the Oscar for 'Ivory' when they make a film of it will compensate.
Won a Mercedes Benz 280SEL in 1988.
won stuff on 'Australia's Funniest Home Videos' 1993
Apart from that $100 on a scratchy, 1 meat tray & 1 chook raffle. [2 actually but forgot one chook and left it at the pub and when I went back someone had nicked it]

Trin said...

Commiserations TP, next time we'll all have to double/triple vote, co-erce friends or just hijack their computers while they're not looking, etc. etc. Congratulations TP(ilot)

I have won, first and foremost, a talking book by someone called Tony Park! Apart from that, I have won $3 from $6 worth of scratchies (wow, a 50% loss - or is it? - maths was never a strength). By FAR the BIGGEST win/loss was when I won Division 1 tattslotto around the time I was 22 and couldn't afford to buy my normal weekly ticket with my normal number.They wouldn't let me collect (couldn't understand that at all) so I have never graced their counters again.

Dozy, the odds are increasingly in your favour if you keep with this. How many TP followers are there on this blog, how many have won something so far, how many followers are family or good friends and therefore exempt from any future winnings (sorry ALI G et al) - there, the odds are much better now aren't they? Maybe you are being saved for the "big one"!
Started reading Hold My Hand.... when I woke up at 3am this morning. - good so far)

Timepilot said...

Wow, thanks TP :)and sorry on not getting the big one.

The last thing I won, 15 odd eyars ago was a hamper.

This is better.

TW said...

Hey TP,

Don't be too hard on yourself - just found this on the net when searching for the winners:

"The 2009 SA Blog Awards as it currently is configured has become a meaningless exercise that will do little more than identify which blogs are quick and organised enough to nominate themselves and marshall/motivate their friends and networks to vote for them. "

Shame on them for trying to bribe their readers into voting for them :-)

P.S. Next year, maybe have a few more books on offer

Les said...

Damn Tony what a let down, next year you should try to offer more bribes... I mean prizes.

The only worthwhile thing I have ever won is a talking book by TP,everything else has been useless junk.

Congrats Timepilot you have a good read ahead of you.

Heidihi said...

Bad luck, there's always the 2010 awards.

I won a Cliff Richard signed poster when I was about 10 years old - it was NOT a cool prize...

Trev said...

It's not winning but playing the game with honesty and integrity as you have done my son. You can go forward holding your head up high being able to look those [who have stacked their votes] in the eye and say unto them verily "Trev will organise to have you whacked if you outstack our votes again"

Mother Blog said...

Tony darling

You should have won because you were the best.

tonypark said...

Thank you all for your kind words.

I have stopped sobbing (more like an occasional sniffle now) and have ordered myself to cowboy the f* up over my loss in the SA Blog Awards.

I need to review my strategy and have taken all your suggestions on board.

Next year I will simply offer money for votes.

dozycow said...

That should work...

Crookedpaw said...

Not Zim Dollars, I hope

Crookedpaw said...


My partner S feels I need to take some lessons from you when it comes to shameless self promotion. So, with that strange feeling one gets when they're afraid the object they're holding might explode, I hand you this link

Click on the "About Airborne" tab, then click "View the wiining entries".

My chapter will be Number 26, due for public scrutiny Tuesday 14th April

Now that's done, I'll go over here behind this little peebble and hide.

Live long and prosper,

tonypark said...

Crookepaw, you legend. Well done! Welcome to the world of shameless self promotion - not that you'll need to worry about that if you get published in a James Patterson book.

Will look out for the full chapter on April 14!

Anonymous said...

Most recent win, a dinner for two at a restaurant in Perth for entering a Valentine's day comp thru a radio station in 2005.

I won a holiday in Bali in 1988 and have never been back since.

Won heaps of colouring in comps as a child, got to see "Disney on Ice" about 40 years ago in a huge tent at Perry Lakes, WA.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tony, I apologise for being the last two "Anonomouses" because I have to keep resetting me password for some inexplicably reason...I know you don't like the "Anonomouses" so i thought I'd let you know it t'was me.

LittleAud xx aka "Squeak..."

ps. why does my resetted password keep failing me????