Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Musical interlude

Very, very busy, Legion of Fans (LOF) editing Book 7 right now, so no time for a long post.

Instead, I'll cheat and direct you to the most excellent crimebeat website, which is all about South African crime writers. A while ago they invited me to talk about music in my books (and, to my embarrassment, I realised I don't put a lot of music in my books). Still, I managed to cobble something together as I was extremely grateful for the invitation.

You can read my musical musings here.

Et tu, LOF? Do you like a bit of music in your fiction? What should my characters have been listening to, do you think? Perhaps "Bang Bang", by Cher for Fletcher Reynolds in SAFARI?


Crookedpaw said...

When I read your descriptions of the bush/lanscape I usually hear the smooth tonings of Miriam M'Keba or Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Will have to consider some more mainstream types.

ali g said...

Believe you once gargled "The Ride of the Valkyries" on Sydney morning radio. Perhaps you could work that in or maybe a rendition of "Nifty's New Toy" set to the tune of Chattenooga Choo Choo?

Muriel said...

I love Ian Rankin's books, not only because Edinburgh is just such a damned gorgeous city to set crime in, but because his Inspector Rebus is forever listening to stuff I recognise. He's probably about as old as me.

Herr Doktor said...

Interesting about the music. I love the African township music, its like the smell of Africa. I remember being at a meeting in a small house in Thorngrove (Bulawayo). We were there renovating a clinic and they were so grateful.We finished up with singing and there was such a great atmosphere! MUSIC = LIFE Dok

ali g said...

Just read in today's 'Weekend Australian' an article about Charlize Theron.. [quote] She goes back to South Africa when she can and still harbours dreams of acting there. "All my actor friends have gone there to do a film. I think I'm the only actor in Hollywood who has never gone to South Africa to do film!"
Is this a sign from above????
Go for it!!! ring her right now! You are her salvation!!

Trin said...

I have not thought there is any need for music in your books - the words and subsequent images conjured up are music enough. The music I hear when I read is what I think Africa would sound like.