Monday, April 20, 2009

If you've joined us from the newsletter...


I've had a great response from my first newsletter "African Lines" (get it?) which went out last Friday. Mercifully, few people have chosen to "unsubscribe", which is good for my ego, and good for all you readers, as those who stay on the list are eligible to go into the draw for five free books.

As a result of the newsletter there has been quite a bit of interest in the SILENT PREDATOR SAFARI, the tour I'm escorting to South Africa in September.

I won't say something cheezy like "hurry, places are limited" but, suffice it to say, the Africa Safari Co had quite a quite a few calls and I've fielded several emails about the tour.

If you have just joined us, please take a while to look through the backlist of posts here on the blog. There's something for everyone, including blood (any young-adult vampire book readers will be interested in how I stabbed myself recently while on safari); sweat (in the form of mechanics sweating over my land rover); and tears (those I shed recently over the death Monsieur Ted Lapis, designer of the modern day Safari Suit).

(If you didn't get a copy of the newsletter, then email me at tonyparknews (at) and I'll put you on the list.)

Regular readers did you like my newsletter? If not, you can blame Alex the Pirate Wench, my young assistant who did the layout. Alex is now posting on my other blog, Ivory Pirate.

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Les said...

The newsletter was great, good layout, great pics,nice to read at work.
I have forwarded it to a friend to increase your LOF and I believe she has already contacted you.
Keep newsletters and books coming.