Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm the king of the world!

Leonardo di Caprio eat your heart out... here I am, Legion of Fans (LOF) on board the magnificent, luxurious and totally virus-free MV Pacific Dawn, doing a quick brush up on my fifth book, SILENT PREDATOR so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about when I address the ship's first ever on-board book club.


It could be a bit embarrassment sitting around with people discussing my book. Oh well, if the worst happens and no one fronts for the book club I can always console myself with Pina Coladas on the poop deck.

I'm looking forward to my SIX-DAY CRUISE TO TONGA, LOF. And why wouldn't I be? Flu-shmoo, who cares. When the opportunity presents itself for a passage to some exotic south sea island, together with the promise of drinks with umbrellas and the opportunity to wear my Hawaiian shirt in public, not even the Bubonic Plague could keep me ashore.

I was hoping to have all my work done before embarking (as we say in nautical circles) but unfortunately I'm still doing the first edit of my second non-fiction book. You know, the one about....

Still, it will keep me out of mischief for the first few days and keep me away from the Karaoke Bar (rest assured, I will get there) for a short while. Mrs Blog will be pleased.

So, I'm about to set my course for adventure, my mind on a new romance (romance scene that is, as in for a future book, not a new romance, as the small but perfectly formed Mrs Blog will be joining me on this cruise). We look forward to leaning out over the pointy end, dancing with the poor but happy folk in steerage, and perhaps even finding a Model T Ford stowed away somewhere in the cargo hold.

As well as discussing the deep and inner meanings of SILENT PREDATOR (what did happen to Tom Furey's jag when he left England for Africa?) I also intend on heavily spruiking my forthcoming book IVORY which is, in case you didn't know, about MODERN DAY PIRACY.

Poor old Pacific Dawn. After her run of luck this week wouldn't it be terrible if she was set upon by pirates?

Ahhhh, but think of the free PR for the new book!

Pipe me aboard, number one, for it's time to weigh anchors, arc up the Karaoke machine and break out the drink umbrellas! Come on pirates, take your best shot across our bows (please? I need the publicity).

What about you, LOF? Cruise fan or not?


ali g said...

Sounds good. Not to be sneezed at.

dozycow said...

My only trip overseas was on a ferry to Manly.
Enjoy the trip & hopefully LOTS come to your book club.

PS: Boats are good fun, but you can't beat playing amongst the clouds in a small plane (or glider) - leaves "romance" for dead

Les said...

One of my ambitions is to have a long holiday on a cruise ship.
Hope you have a super time.(The pina colada part sounds great)

Trin said...

Just checked Pacific Dawn Cruise Cam and note you are still at dock.

Cruises? Not so sure. Spent a month getting from Mother England to Oz and loved that - but a kid. Went on the Pacific Sun to Noumea a couple of years ago and overall HATED it. Went with 3 female friends, my best buddy and two of her work mates - the two snored their heads off in tandem every night - even with ear plugs I couldn't sleep and was up hours before light every morning. The only time I had a good sleep was when we hit rough weather and most of the rest of the ship was vomiting - I slept like a baby! And my dearest friend found some "romance" (in this context means a sexual encounter for the duration)which unfortunately left me at odds for most of the trip (without my reading glasses which I lost the first day out). Plus it rained (didnt put my bathers on once)and the itinerary was changed as a NSW radio station ran a competition and we had 300 freebie travellers on board - some of which were a very bad element, resulting in a death on board due to a fight - so, Feds on board, mid night changes of course, lock downs in certain areas etc etc. A very very disappointing trip which P&O Public Relations didnt really seem to care about.

Having said that, the meals are fantastic, the shows are first class, daily bingo was a hoot, the grog is cheap, the staff are lovely and had some interesting conversations, got to see some whales, there is some magnificent scenery to be seen and the dancing classes were a lot of fun. And a very economical holiday.

I will try it again, but only in a twin cabin, at a time of year when I can be assured of good weather and with a spare pair of glasses in my luggage.

tonypark said...

Oh dear, Trin, now you've got me worried.

I forgot my earplugs and mrs blog snores terribly. Oh well...

Still, if I see some whales I'll be happy. Apparently we get to go snorkelling somewhere in Noumea, I think.

tonypark said...

PS: don't actually board until thursday afternoon. That picture was taken on board last week at the height of the swine flu epidemic.


Trin said...


I am sure you will have a great time - I would have were the circumstances different at the time. And I'm equally sure it would be you doing the snoring, not Mrs. Blog.

It was obviously not a good trip overall for me for lots of reasons - but mainly the lack of sleep (wouldn't have minded if it were due to partying)and the feeling I was taking a solo cruise - but I WILL do one again - as one of a pair or as part of a large group.

If you are an early riser the mornings are delightful and you could get some good photos. When I saw the whales they were cruising between the ship and the shore on the approach to Vanuatu very early in the morning ie first light - mothers and calves. They also showed themselves during the day once. Spoke to one of the entertainment staff and he said he'd been aboard for two years and had never seen one!

Snorkelling will be fun too.

Incidentally, what WILL you do as part of your tour duty - do you all sit in the library and read a couple of chapters and then talk about it or what?

Will check cruise cam from time to time to see where you're at (see previous post comment).

Trin said...

PS: the pigs have now flown and are on the Dawn Princess.

Trin said...

Just had my shower which cleared the brain - what I should have written was:

The pig flu and has landed on dawn ....

Heidihi said...

The Ford comment worried me - I hope we're not going to see a headline on the news "Australia Author found in compromising position aboard a cruise ship"!

Enjoy the cruise, cocktails and karoke!

tonypark said...

Nice one re the pig flu, Trin, and well done, Heidihi, for picking up the Model T Ford reference, you bad girl, you.

Off today!

Trin, I have no idea how the book club thing will work, but I'll be posting about it (if anyone shows up) and may be making a guest appearance on the P&O blog, so stay tuned here for words and links.

Thanks Les and Dozy, too. Les, maybe don't go cruising off the coast of Africa unless yuou take your body armour and your R5 with you.

Les said...

Too true Tony,body armour, R5 and even then it might pay to go on a battle ship.