Thursday, June 04, 2009

Something for you to read in case I get captured by pirates...

Bags are packed.

Hawaiian shirt - tick
Sunscreen - tick
Bermuda shorts - tick
Book: How to Win at Shuffleboard - tick
Last Will and Testament - tick.
Book: Assegai - tick (may come in handy as a life raft a la Leonardo and Kate in Titanic in case of icebergs).
Sketchbook and charcoal - tick.

We're good to go, Legion of Fans (LOF). Hopefully I'll soon be beaming to you live from Bali Hai and other points of the South Pacific, but just in case, as promised in an earlier comment, I thought I'd direct you towards some very talented and thorougly nice lady authors who I met duirng my recent drunken stay on the Gold Coast.

As we say in the South West Pacific Theatre of Operations, "there is nothing like a dame", so here are three grande dames (note drawn-out and un-PC segue, not one of my best) of the Australian literary scene, whose works I commend to youse all:

Katherine Howell: writer of Aussie crime novels and perhaps the nicest person ever to put finger to keyboard (she sent me an email the other day telling me she thought my blog was funny, so Katherine gets extra points). I sneaked a peek at the first three pages of her first book, FRANTIC, the other day, and I fear ASSEGAI may be doing a bit of time as the door stop in the cabin on this trip.

Katherine's a former ambulance paramedic and so is one of her characters - got my pulse up to 180 over sixty (or whatever they say) in the first page. More valium, stat... I have have an appointment with a deck chair. Katherine also hands out free chocolates at her book signings to shame people into buying her books... errr, I mean because she is so nice.

Sydney Bauer: writer of legal thrillers set in Boston, US & A. You know, after meeting the very charming Sydney I almost said to her, "say, how come an Aussie is writing books set in America?" when I suddenly remebered the 3,429 people who have asked me, "say, how come an Aussie is writing books set in Africa?".

Mrs Blog is going to be reading ALIBI on the boat, errr ship, errr whatever in between posing.

Kathy Webb: writer(s) of chick lit. Now, this is complicated... Kathy Webb is an amalgam (right word?) of two people, Kathy Wilkinson and her sister, Mrs Webb. They write their books together. I met Kathy Wilkinson and she was as thoroughly nice as Katherine and Sydney. Now if you think this whole sisters-writing-together-and-joining-names thing sounds complicated, you should try having it explained to you at midnight after too many drinks.

Well, that's enough promotion of other people, back to me.

Ooops, sorry, don't forget my good friend and flood victim Peter Watt.

Also I met a top bloke at Literati who is a seller of books and aspiring writer, Mr David Hibbins. David has just started a blog called bookblog in which he is inviting members of the public to review selected books, and offering cash prizes for reviews! Trin, Les, and all the rest of you out... pens and pencils out and pop over and say hi to all my writerly friends while I dash off for welcome cocktails with the Captain, and lifeboat drill.

"Another Mai Tai, Isaac, and don't go easy on the umbrellas this time, my man!"


ali g said...

Re checklist...hanky?

Les said...

What about pens to autograph the pirate(s) copies of Ivory if captured?

Trin said...

Les, surely Tony wont have any copies of Ivory seeing we have to wait another two months????

Trin said...

I'm watching the boat on its way to the Heads - I'm sure Mr and Mrs Blog are up there on deck with their plastic blue or yellow P&O cups filled with some type of alcoholic beverage.
Bon Voyage

Les said...

Trin you are right Tony won't have them the pirates will, thats why I said pirate copies,you must understand that at the traffic lights in Joburg you can buy almost anything months before it is released.that is what I was referring to.
I'm sure Tony will understand what I'm trying to say.
I see on the cam that they are on their way.

Crookedpaw said...

Tony, bon voy√°ge and smooth seas. If, however, you should run into an iceberg, chip some off for your next drink. Oh, and sack the navigator.

Trin and Les, managed to obtain a copy of Ivory on Tuesday, and just over half-way through. You're in for a treat.

Will post a review on the Bookcase as soon as finished.

Today's word verification is "snesse". Is that a sneeze with a Seth Efrican accent?

Live long and prosper.

ali g said...

Blimey Crookedpaw..hope you didn't have to go all the way to the traffic lights in Johannesburg to get one.[good one Les]

top book isn't it!

Look forward to your review.

Katherine Howell said...

Thanks for the kind words Mr Tony! Much 'preciated :) Have an excellent time on the high seas!

HawaiiStatehoodApparel said...

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Trin said...

Crookedpaw - you are shaping up to be a tease as well. Les, if the lights go green before you get your copy, let me know and I'll send you one when it's out so that you don't have to listen to all and sundry waxing lyrical for a month.

Word verification for this comment?

Bedbus - is that another word for kombi?

Noticed this morning that passage so far seems to be quite calm. Couldn't see any pigs flying close by either.

Les said...

Thanks Trin I will let you know,that's if i don't get arrested for buying pirate cd's & dvd's or books first.

August will be a month of hell reading all the good comments about Ivory and having to wait till September to read it.