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An Empty Coast
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Monday, January 24, 2011

THE DELTA - Out now in South Africa!

Well, what a nice surprise. Mrs Blog and I are on our way to Mombasa for a week of eating seafood and drinking Tusker Lager, and while loitering in Johannesburg Airport I discovered that not only is my latest book, THE DELTA, now on the shelves, it's already in the Top 10 in the CNA at the Airports bookshops!

I knew it was coming but wasn't actually expecting to see any copies just yet. And lo and behold, there it was, sandwiched between Tom Clancy and John Grisham in the Number 2 spot in the new releases section. Not bad company, eh?

I'm pictured above with the charming Cindy, Manageress of the OR Tambo International Airport CNA. I love everyone at CNA at the Airports. As my books are prominently displayed there I don't have to skulk about and move them from the back of the shop to the front of the shop. And no, I didn't put THE DELTA in the Number 2 spot.

But wait, that's not all the shameless self promotion and big-headed gloating for today. As well as having a Top 10 for new releases, CNA also has a Top 10 for its bestselling paperbacks. And looky here who happens to be in Number 2 there as well.

Thank you, CNA, and all you travellers looking for airport novels. I love youse all.

I'll have more news from Mombasa in the coming days, as long as the somewhat patchy wireless interent at the Nyali Beach Hotel is working. After that, it's off to the wilds of Rwanda to see some misty gorillas.


rhodiejeff said...

What a grin! What a hair cut! what a brilliant writer!
And that's all you're getting from me....For chrisssakes don't go back to the same tailor when your 'up north'. What about some elephant skin under-rods? I hear they can bring on magical changes when worn - only trouble is you'll steal too many buns!
Go well,

tonypark said...

Stealing buns? Ah Jeff, I am not the one.

And yes, this is my new Bruce Willis hair cut.

Les said...

With the Bruce Willis hair cut you could star in the movies from your books.

I thought I was the only one moving your books to prominent places in book shops.

Luke Evans said...

query, is the eagle on the front cover a bald eagle?? It certainly looks like a bald eagle which isnt native to South Africa hahah, good read tho!

rhodiejeff said...

More like the AFRICAN FISH EAGLE (HALIAEETUS VOCIFER). Have to say though, your lady cover artist could have chosen a Bateleur or Martial eagle. Would have invoked more of a feel for the hunter/killer instincts; more the writer's 'birds-of-prey'. But what the hell - 'tis but a small matter! Keep churning 'em out!

tonypark said...

Les, good work on the book placement, keep it up mate!

Luke, welcome, and yes it is supposed to be a fish eagle, as rhodie jeff mentions - they do look very similar to the bald eagle and even a bit like an aussie Sea Eagle. glad you liked the book though!

tonypark said...

Oh, and I note that Bruce Willis has finally admitted defeat and gone the full shaved-head look. That awaits me soon, I suppose. Although at 6'6" I'll look more Peter Garrett than Bruce Willis I'm afraid...

dozycow said...

Congratulations Tony !!
It must be a great feeling for you to see your books in such prominent positions - well done and well deserved !

RobertLW said...

Beating Grisham is impressive.

tonypark said...

Thanks Dozy and yes, Robert, I think Grisham needs to put some more sex, smoking and swearing in his books if he wants to stay up there.